Union of Concerned Scientists’ Fundraising Tactics: A Cause For Concern

Hold on to your wallets! Anthony Watts has a new post showing how the so-called Union of Concerned Scientists is using half-truths and misrepresentations in their fundraising letters to manipulate people into giving them money. Note that the date referenced in footnote #1 of the Union’s second fundraising letter matches the date of the FOX News report. But Fox News was simply regurgitating a report provided by Reuters news service and curiously, UCS makes no mention that Reuters originated the report. That’s because so many uninformed people have been programmed by the  media, like Pavlov’s Dog, to foam at the mouth when they hear the mere mention of FOX News. It’s called the Fox News Syndrome and apparently it’s well understood by fundraisers to get certain groups to open up their wallets.

Question of the day: Why do some people who believe that pure motives are rare in the corporate world also believe that people making beaucoup bucks from the climate “crisis” are exempt from the same flaws and failings that afflict all groups of people?

Remember: Many so-called “Non-Profits” are indeed very profitable.

Read Watts’ Union of Concerened Scientists Post here.

Should We Trust Washington To “Invest” OUR Money

Forget for a moment that our federal government will soon owe $17 trillion in debt to its creditors and that these creditors expect to be paid back (with interest). Also, try to forget for a moment that this enormous sum will have to be paid off by future taxpayers.

President Obama, in his recent State of the Union Speech, called for continuing our “investments” in science and innovation. The ideas put forth in these state of the union speeches often sound good on their surface, but the devil is always in the details. Then there is the minor point – how does the federal government fund such investments when it  already carries a $16 1/2 trillion debt? (My apologies for ending your moment of forgetfulness).

We The People must demand that our leaders use our tax money wisely when investing it in science and innovation. The Solyndra approach used by this Administration to fund “preferred” technologies has been a miserable failure. Just that one mistake cost the taxpayers almost half a billion dollars when Solyndra went bankrupt. This is only one of several examples of big money being squandered on technology by the current Administration. The lesson here, which I doubt this Administration has learned, is that they are very poor money managers when it comes to “investing” in innovation and technology.

May President Obama and all of our public servants keep the following observations in mind as they continue throwing billions of our dollars at their favorite science “investments.”


“… the traditional concept [is] that to get anything to work requires a task force. The phenomenon was fortunately unknown to Galileo, Newton, or Einstein, or other masters of classical and quantum mechanics. But it has become a sociophysical requirement of recent years.” “The People’s Science.” W. O. Baker’s acceptance talk to the NSF National Science Board on receiving the Vannevar Bush Award in Washington, DC., May 21, 1981.

“The ideas of scientific discovery come one at a time from one person and one mind at a time. Sometimes two or three can aid each other. But scientific discovery cannot be collectivized, and it does not flourish in collectivized structures.” William O. Baker while Vice President, Research, Bell Labs. Science, Vol. 133, No. 3448 (January 27, 1961), pp. 255-262.

To learn more about Dr. William O. Baker click here.

A New Breakthrough Predicting Earthquakes?

Sun, planets and major moons

Photo credit: Jules Stoop / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

Below is an excerpt from Applied Physics Research; Vol. 5, No. 1; 2013. The Factual Data on the Celestial Bodies Influences on Seismic Activity. By Sergey A. Vasiliev & Virginia Nina Tataridou, retirees from the Scientific Research Institute of Exploration Geophysics VNIIGeofizika (retired), Moscow, Russia.)

If these folks are really on to something here – it will be interesting to see how this plays out in helping us predict earthquakes.


Note: Since English is not their first language, we might forgive the imperfect grammar that follows.

“If You ask seismologist – is there now the method of short-term (before a few days) forecast simultaneously of the location, time and magnitude of strong earthquakes which is vindicated with probability at least about 50 percent?- in most cases You get the answer – no, it is not exists. However, such innovative method exists and successfully passed the five-year practical testing in the Kamchatka Peninsula subregion that is little known. This is the method of Lezdinsh (2008). In result of his eighteen-year research Lezdinsh revealed correlation between earthquakes and positions of the planets, Sun and Moon relative to the Earth and the local horizon plane on the Kamchatka Peninsula subregion. On this (together with the seismological data monitoring) his method is based (Lezdinsh, 2008). Lezdinsh’s method effectiveness proves influences of the celestials bodies, including the planets, on seismic activity. This proof is difficult to refute. According to Lezdinsh’s practical data, action of each celestial body to seismic activity strongly depends on its position on ecliptic, that is, depends on its 􀟮 ecliptic longitude. At that, the influences of the different celestial bodies are essentially different both on the action force, and on character of the action dependence on ecliptic longitude of the celestial body. For example, according to Lezdinsh’s practical data, Mars, acts on seismic activity much more strongly the Sun.”

What Voter Fraud?

The Liberal Media is always quick to accuse Republicans of suppressing minority votes at election time, yet curiously they are never able to produce any evidence of this.

I wonder if the same media will be interested in a story that broke recently in Hamilton County, Ohio where an African-American woman has publicly admitted to voting at least twice for Barack Obama in the November election. She may have actually voted up to six times and is being investigated by the Hamilton County Board of elections. Her name is Melowese Richardson and you can watch the video of her “mea culpa” at the end of this story.

When the likes of MSNBC and other propaganda outlets and even attorney general Eric Holder promote this voter suppression lie about Republicans they are subverting our democratic process. It creates mistrust and suspicion among minorities.  Is it any surprise then that Melowese Richardson rationalizes voting more than once for Barack Obama because as she says Mr. Obama “has a right to sit as President of the United States.” Her assertion of that “right” is nothing but a product of the entitlement mentality that has become so pervasive in our country. Does she not realize that no one has a right to the office of the Presidency unless they are legally elected in conformity with the election laws of our land?  Does she think voting for the President of the United States is like voting for the next American Idol, where teenieboppers routinely vote multiple times for their favorite? Ms. Richardson sounds like a smart lady and I think she knows better.

Every election cycle there are people who are convicted of voter fraud, yet the liberal media for the most part turns a blind eye because most people indicted for voter fraud happen to be Democrats. Don’t believe me? – I have linked to examples of voter fraud stories below. It’s obvious to me that the Liberal Media doesn’t care about voter fraud if it helps their side. They are an absolute disgrace and by their lies and propaganda about Republican voter suppression and then silence when real voter fraud happens, they show they are willing to preside over the subversion and disintegration of our once great republic.

We need to start getting serious about voter fraud in this country before it’s too late and if Ms. Richardson is found guilty of voter fraud, she should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Let’s start by demanding that our lawmakers change the laws so that voters are required to show an ID when they show up at the polls. Don’t believe the left’s false argument that showing an ID puts an “undue burden” on minorities. C’mon! who is the left kidding? It’s hogwash! People routinely have to show their ID’s for everything from buying  six-packs to cashing checks to using their credit cards. Heck, you cannot get into an Obama fundraiser without a picture ID. Doesn’t that put an “undue burden” on the President’s minority supporters? The left’s argument against requiring voter ID’s should be mocked and ridiculed by every good person for the baloney that it is.

The investigation of Ms. Richardson has also revealed that she has been a poll worker for about 25 years. It makes one wonder if this is the first time she has voted more than once and what she has encouraged or allowed other voters to get away with at election time.

Lest I be accused of being racist, let me say this:

If you think I am unfairly picking on a little ol’ African-American lady you are mistaken on two counts. First, voter fraud should not be tolerated, period, no matter who commits it. And second, there are plenty of white people involved in voter fraud as you will see in the links below.


Watch the video HERE courtesy of YouTube and  local ABC News Affiliate WCPO.

Voter Fraud in New York

Voter Fraud in Arkansas

Voter Fraud in Boston

Voter Fraud in Indiana

VA Congressman’s Son Caught on Tape

Read Congressional Findings on Voter Fraud Here

Where are all the Republican Voter Fraud Cases? I am not saying there aren’t any, it’s just that I cannot find them!

MSNBC’s Reign of Terror

Dr. Benjamin Rush, one of our great men, once wrote a friend:

“I agree with you in deriving our physical calamities from moral causes…. A bitter and unchristian spirit has likewise divided our citizens. We have not, it is true, erected a guillotine in our country, but we enjoy similar spectacles of cruelty in the destruction of public and private characters in our newspapers.” *

Things haven’t changed much, have they?

I’ve watched Maddow, Olberman, Matthews and others similar on MSNBC many, many times, so I don’t need anyone to tell me what to think about them. For those of you who have been told how horrible and racist Fox News is, but haven’t watched it for yourselves, you might want to take it upon yourselves to actually see if what you have been told is true. Give it at least two weeks. Fox News has excellent and fair reporting (not perfect). And they truly have nice, good and decent people working for them – they are not the rotten devils you have been told they are.

Some of you who watch MSNBC and other Liberal news outlets have been led to believe that most Republicans are racist. You have been lied to. Why? Because by demonizing their opponents, the left prevents people from listening to Republicans’ ideas, which may have merit. Another reason the left makes charges of racism is that it provokes in some people an immediate, prejudicial response, which requires no critical thinking. The trumped-up charges of racism and wars on women are nothing but propaganda meant to manipulate the feelings of certain groups. Independent, critical thinkers generally are not fooled by such propaganda. There is no Republican war on Gays, or Hispanics, or Women. These are all distractions meant to control these groups and maintain them as constituents in the Democrat party.

Why did MSNBC run the Rubio sipping water clip over 155 times? Answer: It’s part of a larger effort to neutralize an up and coming Hispanic conservative and make him look like a buffoon. It’s part of the left’s war on conservative minorities. That, is a real war. Many on the left show no respect for conservative minorities and heap nothing but disdain on them.

As far as our leaders go, we must not tolerate politicians who prefer to sow seeds of division, hatred and confusion, rather than discuss the difficult issues facing our country with well-reasoned and substantive arguments. The time they waste spewing their nonsense means less time spent offering solutions. Decent people do not try to manipulate others with false accusations of being homophobic, or racist or whatever.

Benjamin Rush’s observation about the media still applies today. Unfortunately, it appears we have learned nothing in the 220 years since he observed it. It’s time to stop once and for all the public name calling and character assassination that is so prevalent in our politics. We need to begin devoting only our intellects and all of our energies towards solving the dangerous problems that face our nation. That goes for Republicans too.

Our number one issue is economic, so lets start there. We need to revive the economy mainly through private, not public initiative. We must reduce government spending before the federal government becomes insolvent or destroys the value of our currency and our savings. We need fewer regulatory constraints on businesses. We must revise the tort system. If we do these things, there is no doubt in my mind that America will rise again. For that, I am sure, some will call me a racist.

For those of you who are not familiar with him, I would like to call your attention to that great man who was Benjamin Rush. Born in Philadelphia in 1746, Rush became a physician, patriot, author, educator, humanitarian and an early abolitionist. He was one among those brave men who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor when they signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. According to L. H. Butterfield, editor of Rush’s letters, “Rush’s fame sprang from his own vigorous and magnetic personality; from his substantial accomplishments in medicine, psychiatry, education, and social reform; from the great body of his published writings; from his gifts as a teacher and lecturer; and finally, from the letters he wrote to scores of friends, relatives, patients, pupils and colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic.”

“Long regarded by everyone except himself and perhaps a few other Philadelphians as the leading citizen of Philadelphia, the recipient of uncounted honors from his countrymen and from European courts and learned societies, Rush had achieved a reputation not surpassed by that of any other American physician for a century or more.”

Dear Reader: Please check back in the future for a page which I will wholly devote to Dr. Rush’s life and accomplishments.)


*Benjamin Rush to William Marshall, September 15, 1798. Letters of Benjamin Rush, Vol. II, p. 807

Honoring Jesse Jackson, Jr. … (and other corrupt politicians)

The names given to our federal correctional facilities are so sterile and bureaucratic-sounding that I think it’s time we begin renaming them. I have a suggestion for renaming the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. Why not call it the Jesse Jackson, Jr. Correctional Facility or maybe something a little hipper like  Jesse J.J.’s Big House? After all shouldn’t we continue to honor the vanity of politicians by naming public buildings after them?

I guess the people who contributed to Jesse Jackson Jr.’s campaign got the respect from him they deserved. I mean, if people finance the campaign of a politician whose main function, when he gets to Congress, is to fleece the taxpayers, what right do they have to complain when he fleeces them?

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