A New Breakthrough Predicting Earthquakes?

Sun, planets and major moons

Photo credit: Jules Stoop / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

Below is an excerpt from Applied Physics Research; Vol. 5, No. 1; 2013. The Factual Data on the Celestial Bodies Influences on Seismic Activity. By Sergey A. Vasiliev & Virginia Nina Tataridou, retirees from the Scientific Research Institute of Exploration Geophysics VNIIGeofizika (retired), Moscow, Russia.)

If these folks are really on to something here – it will be interesting to see how this plays out in helping us predict earthquakes.


Note: Since English is not their first language, we might forgive the imperfect grammar that follows.

“If You ask seismologist – is there now the method of short-term (before a few days) forecast simultaneously of the location, time and magnitude of strong earthquakes which is vindicated with probability at least about 50 percent?- in most cases You get the answer – no, it is not exists. However, such innovative method exists and successfully passed the five-year practical testing in the Kamchatka Peninsula subregion that is little known. This is the method of Lezdinsh (2008). In result of his eighteen-year research Lezdinsh revealed correlation between earthquakes and positions of the planets, Sun and Moon relative to the Earth and the local horizon plane on the Kamchatka Peninsula subregion. On this (together with the seismological data monitoring) his method is based (Lezdinsh, 2008). Lezdinsh’s method effectiveness proves influences of the celestials bodies, including the planets, on seismic activity. This proof is difficult to refute. According to Lezdinsh’s practical data, action of each celestial body to seismic activity strongly depends on its position on ecliptic, that is, depends on its 􀟮 ecliptic longitude. At that, the influences of the different celestial bodies are essentially different both on the action force, and on character of the action dependence on ecliptic longitude of the celestial body. For example, according to Lezdinsh’s practical data, Mars, acts on seismic activity much more strongly the Sun.”

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