Union of Concerned Scientists’ Fundraising Tactics: A Cause For Concern

Hold on to your wallets! Anthony Watts has a new post showing how the so-called Union of Concerned Scientists is using half-truths and misrepresentations in their fundraising letters to manipulate people into giving them money. Note that the date referenced in footnote #1 of the Union’s second fundraising letter matches the date of the FOX News report. But Fox News was simply regurgitating a report provided by Reuters news service and curiously, UCS makes no mention that Reuters originated the report. That’s because so many uninformed people have been programmed by the  media, like Pavlov’s Dog, to foam at the mouth when they hear the mere mention of FOX News. It’s called the Fox News Syndrome and apparently it’s well understood by fundraisers to get certain groups to open up their wallets.

Question of the day: Why do some people who believe that pure motives are rare in the corporate world also believe that people making beaucoup bucks from the climate “crisis” are exempt from the same flaws and failings that afflict all groups of people?

Remember: Many so-called “Non-Profits” are indeed very profitable.

Read Watts’ Union of Concerened Scientists Post here.

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