Voter Fraud Update

In our February 20th post “What Voter Fraud?” we reported the story of Melowese Richardson of Hamilton County Ohio who appeared to admit in a filmed interview that she had voted President Obama more than once in the last election cycle. If you haven’t seen the video of her “mea culpa,” please view the Feb 20th post. You won’t believe it.

Now local ABC News affiliate News Channel 5, Cleveland is reporting that Richardson and two others have been indicted on voter fraud charges by the Hamilton County Prosecutor. See the report here: NEWS Channel 5

If we don’t get very serious about preventing voter fraud,  I’m afraid many of us will lose confidence in our electoral process. Such a travesty as that would be another nail in the coffin of our constitutional republic.


1 thought on “Voter Fraud Update

  1. Your right, I think many Americans are very disheartened by the voter fraud stories they have heard about, I personally know that there are illegals that have been able to register to vote with drivers licenses provided by states that think illegal aliens should have a drivers license and will follow the rules. What a pile of manipulative crap that is! they are perpetuating fraud on the legal Americans and no one seems to care one bit. Least of all the elected officials that they keep putting back in office. How do you stop voter fraud when the elected officials support it?

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