Jihad in Boston?

Drudge posted a link to a CNN video that needs to be seen and heard by everyone. (Link to video at the end of this story.) The mother of the Boston bombers says, “I don’t care if my youngest son is going to be killed today. I want the world to hear this. And, I don’t care if I am going to get killed too. And I will say Allahu Akbar (God is greatest)!”

The jihadists are at war with us and we need to be aware of it. This is not proof that the Tsarnaevs are jihadists, but it sure adds to the evidence.

What also disturbs me is that this video is not readily available on the CNN website, although CNN has confirmed to me that this is a CNN production and can be found by reading Piers Morgan Live transcript from 4/23/13. This should be plastered all over CNN’s front page. Are they showing their political correctness by suppressing this story? Call CNN and complain and ask them to make this video easily accessible. 404.827.1500.

Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=muMu0ay9xJM

Is Global Warming to blame for all this snow?

Every now and then I see a story in the media that some climate expert has speculated that the latest monster snow storms are being caused by man-made global warming. They go on to explain that it may seem counter intuitive, but that the global warming is causing more moisture to accumulate in some parts of the Earth’s atmosphere and that when the temperature is sufficiently cold this moisture is dumped in the form of snow.  That seems to make sense.

So, if I understand their argument correctly – even if our winters are warmer because of all the CO2 we are dumping into the atmosphere, we still might get plenty of snow. I get it.

Here’s the problem: It’s  just speculation. No one really knows for sure how a warmer Earth will distribute the Earth’s moisture. If there is someone out there who does know – please contact me.

Here is another problem: The recent snowfall (April 2013) in America’s heartland has been accompanied by record cold temperatures, not warmer ones. This fact flies in the face of the recent explanations we have heard. Now, weather in one region of our country does not prove anything regarding global climate trends. But I think it is still fair to point this out, because when a climate person speculates about what causes a massive super storm, he or she is only discussing a regional weather event as it pertains to global trends.

The Washington Post is reporting today (April 23, 2013) “Record-shattering April cold and snow stun Rockies, north central U.S.”

The Post article goes on to say that, “Amazingly, 91.9 percent of the Upper Midwest has snow on the ground as of today. Snow cover in the previous 10 years on this date hasn’t even come close to reaching this extent (ranging from 19 percent to much lower).”

Commenting on the temperatures the Post article continues,

“Through the Rockies and into the Upper Midwest, it’s not just been the snow but also the cold forcing residents to do a double take when gazing at the calendar.”

“Kelsch notes the mercury dipped to 20 this morning in Boulder, its third record low this month. Boulder’s average temperature this month (through yesterday) is just 41.4 making it one of the city’s coldest Aprils on record.”

“Today’s early afternoon temperatures were 20-40 degrees colder than normal through the Plains into Texas.”

So while we’ve heard a lot of speculation lately from climate experts who tell us that global warming may result in more snowfall, recent events in the Rockies and Upper Midwest prove that colder temperatures may also result in more snow.


Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/wp/2013/04/23/record-shattering-cold-and-snow-stun-rockies-north-central-u-s/

Global Warming Slows Down – Reason to Celebrate on Earth Day

"Blue Marble" Photo Courtesy of NASA

“Blue Marble” Photo Courtesy of NASA

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

There is a good reason to celebrate Earth Day this year – there is an emerging consensus that the Earth has not warmed nearly as much as Al Gore, IPCC and some climate scientists have predicted. It appears the Earth is not nearly as sensitive to CO2 emissions as we have been told. That’s probably one good reason why Europe’s carbon trading market scheme has collapsed.

Despite the continued burning of fossil fuels and the increase in atmospheric CO2, the Earth has not warmed significantly for about 15 years (unless the additional energy is hiding deep in the oceans, as Dr. Kevin Trenberth and others climate scientists have hypothesized). How could those climate models have been so far off?

Is mankind the main cause of global warming (or climate change), or are natural causes like solar radiation and cloud feedbacks mostly to blame?  How much  mankind’s activities contribute to climate change is the question – a little or a lot?

I’ve often heard environmental groups pronounce loudly that “climate change is real!” What a stupid, meaningless phrase. The global climate has never been static – it is always changing and did way before homo sapien sapiens arrived on the scene. Was climate change “real” when it wiped out the dinosaurs? I think so.

So just how is society supposed to react to the statement “climate change is  real?” Of course, climate change is as real now as it was for the dinosaurs 66 million years ago and the Vikings who were able to settle Greenland a thousand years ago as things warmed up up there. Saying “climate change is real” is a silly utterance that does not prove that mankind is the main cause of climate change and therefore that in order to fix it we must all become vegetarians and trade our cars in for bicycles. Oh well, environmentalists have their own agenda.

Maybe when Al Gore downsizes from his $8 million California mansion to 900 square foot, self-sustaining “earth ship” and stops flying around in private jets I will re-consider his sincerity. Do we need to find ways to reduce carbon emissions? Yes, but in a sensible way. Not Al Gore’s way.

Here’s a link to Dr. Roy Spencer’s April 16, 2013 article Global Warming Slowdown: The View From Space. The point of the article is that there are climate scientists’ predictions and then there is reality. Take note of Dr. Spencer’s graph comparing the latest climate model predictions to the actual temperature data, which is based on satellite readings of the Earth’s lower atmosphere. If policy makers are smart, they will focus on reality.

As John Adams once said, “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” Recent evidence shows that the global climate does not appear to be as sensitive to green house gas emissions as we have been led to believe. Stubborn indeed!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!


America Salutes the Great People of Boston.


One Fund.jpeg
The people of the Boston area have made Americans proud. When innocent men women and children were blown up at the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15th, many of their neighbors put aside their own personal safety and remained on the scene to help save lives and comfort the wounded. These people are heroes.

The second bomb exploded right in front of The Forum Restaurant on Boylston Street. NBC has produced an excellent story about The Forum’s staff  and how they responded immediately after the explosion. (Watch the video at the end of this story.)

When considering the question, were they heroes, Jamis Mederios, assistant GM at The Forum said,  “We were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but we did the right thing.”

Elissa Schechter-Perkins and Joseph Pare, two of the Boston doctors who treated Marathon bombing victims, said it best in the closing of a joint letter they sent to the editor of the Boston Globe (published April 21st) :

“We write this to remind ourselves and our community not to lose hope in the kindness and morality of the people who sit next to us on the T, are behind us in line at the grocery store, or walk by us on the street. We are the people of a city who are there for each other on the worst of days.”

Link to the Rock Center video here. (Courtesy of NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams.)

The Boston Massacre Exploited

Certain people who pretend to be thoughtful journalists actually get paid to be provocative, controversial, hit-men. One such “journalist” recently published a ridiculous opinion piece at Salon.com entitled:

“Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American” 

It’s only two days since the bombing occurred and while many victims are still enduring great suffering and while the country is anxiously waiting on pins and needles for the Boston murderer(s) to be caught and brought to justice, this so-called journalist is using the Boston Bombing to do a hit job on the motives and character of Republicans. He wants to convince people that (somehow his version of) Republicans’ reactions to the Boston Bombing adds credence (to the lie) that most Republicans are racists and bigots.

Imagine the outcry we would here from the media outlets including Salon if a writer for a conservative publication wrote a story with the title “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon Bomber is a Muslim.” That person’s career would likely be over for saying such an irresponsible, terrible thing. But if you are a Democrat, or a liberal, or a progressive, you can say just about anything you want to about your political opponents and no matter how outrageous, you will probably get away with it. In fact, you will be cheered and congratulated for it.

Such tactics are slimy and disgusting and are being offered in order to tear down political opponents at the expense of the victims of the Boston bombing. Where’s the decency?

Frotho Canutus

Save Medicare: Impeach Obama!

Several times during this last election cycle and it’s aftermath I spotted a few older Americans driving around with bumper stickers that said “Save Medicare: Vote Democrat.” I seem to always have the same reaction when I see this. (No, I don’t shout out cuss words, toot my horn or anything else disrespectful like that). First, I shake my head a few times in disbelief, then I try to catch a glimpse of the naive person driving that bumper sticker around while wondering how it’s possible that some people can be so detached from reality.

It’s an indisputable fact that the Affordable Care Act, aka. ObamaCare, is shifting resources to the tune of $700 billion away from the Medicare program in order to help fund ObamaCare. So really, it is President Obama, and other Democrats, who have recently begun slowing the rate of growth of Medicare. One result of this is that fewer and fewer doctors are treating Medicare patients because the government reimbursements often do not cover the costs of the treatments.

Then there is the Obama Administration’s new budget proposal. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post wrote today that  “President Obama, has proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare as part of an attempt to find a middle ground in the budget debate.” What! Obama is proposing to cut Medicare and Social Security? Is this what the people I saw driving the “Save Medicare” bumper stickers around had in mind when they voted for Barack Obama and other Democrats?

In their report of April 5th (also in the Washington Post), Zachary A. Goldfarb and Karen Tumulty wrote that,

“White House officials said Friday that Obama’s budget would cut Medicare and Social Security and ask for less tax revenue than he has previously sought.”

“On Friday, liberals expressed outrage that a freshly reelected president would concede so much.”

Despite the hope of those clinging to their bumper sticker illusions, entitlement spending will be reduced regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans are in power. Economic reality will dictate this necessity. But unfortunately, it is a reality that at least half of the voters in this country refuse to acknowledge. The Federal Government is $17 trillion in debt. All one has to do is look at what is happening in Greece, Spain, Portugal and other EU countries which are in trouble. Governments that fund retirement, disability and health care  and other entitlement programs with money they don’t have eventually make drastic, painful cutbacks to those programs.

The denial of economic reality in this country (as represented by certain bumper stickers) will make it harder to fix the problem because it will mean, at least for the time being, a continuation of the spending of money we don’t have and thus a lot more pain and suffering for Americans down the road.

In light of President Obama’s new budget proposal, perhaps the “Save Medicare: Vote Democrat” voters will replace their old bumper stickers with a new one: “Save Medicare: Impeach Obama.”  But somehow, I doubt it.

Ponder this: Why didn’t candidate Obama tell us last year that he would propose cutting Medicare and Social Security after his re-election. This question reminds me of the time he secretly whispered to a Russian negotiator that he would be able to be “more flexible” after the election. (Well, it would have been a secret, except that the microphone which the President thought was turned off, was still on.) It will be interesting to see what other “secrets” the President has in store for us.

(Dislosure: I confess. I have custom-made bumper stickers of a political nature on my car.)

(Clarification: I am not really advocating that Obama be impeached for proposing cuts to Medicare or Social Security – just poking fun at certain folks who have been so brainwashed that they probably don’t see the irony in President Obama’s recent proposal to cut Medicare and Social Security spending.)


Sources: Link to Washington Post articles here and here.

MSNBC “Progressives” Continue To Hack Away At The Traditional Family Unit.

MSNBC “expert” and Tulane University college professor Melissa Harris-Perry thinks your children are not your responsibility, but rather the responsibility of the “community.” (See video below) Of course, her choice of the word “community” is just a euphemism for the state or the government. She also talks about “investments” in the children. What she is advocating is for more resources and responsibility to be shifted away from parents and families and into government-run programs for the purpose of indoctrinating children with a left-wing, statist ideology. It’s an old idea that has been practiced before with disastrous results by the communist party under Josef Stalin, and the national socialist/fascists in Germany led by Adolph Hitler. The frightening thing about this is that MSNBC produced this promotional video for viewer consumption and therefore is giving its tacit approval to this crazy notion that parents are not responsible for their children, and that your children will be better off if raised by government “experts.” MSNBC and Harris-Perry are couching destructive ideas with nice sounding phrases, good looks and slick marketing. Der Staat will die Kontrolle über Ihre Kinder.

Putting aside the fact that Harris-Perry’s expressed vision of child education is simpatico with the child rearing practices of the tyrants and mass murderers of the 20th century; there is no evidence that parents who take responsibility for educating and raising their children do a poorer job of it than parents who show little interest. In fact the opposite is certainly true. One important reason Asian students often academically outshine their non-Asian peers is because their parents are more involved in their children’s education and demand excellence from them.

Another reason Ms. Harris-Perry’s idea is a bad one is the existence of the phenomenon called “diffusion of responsibility.” In large groups, where no one has been assigned personal responsibility or made to be “in charge” (unlike a parent who is motivated to assume responsibility for their children due to moral obligations or even for personal, selfish reasons), everyone tends to assume that someone else is responsible, in this case, for raising the children. This means that in Harris-Perry’s world, many more children will “slip through the cracks” because they will not get the same love and attention that only parents can give. Parents have a direct vested interest in the success and well-being of their children. Collective groups will never have or feel that same connection to individual children and therefore are a very poor substitute indeed. Guard your children, people. Be aware the Left is coming after them. You better fight them at every step of the way. Do not let them implement their crazy ideas in your communities or at any other level. Get involved and stay involved. Don’t be afraid to challenge them publicly.

Publius Canutus