Global Warming Slows Down – Reason to Celebrate on Earth Day

"Blue Marble" Photo Courtesy of NASA

“Blue Marble” Photo Courtesy of NASA

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

There is a good reason to celebrate Earth Day this year – there is an emerging consensus that the Earth has not warmed nearly as much as Al Gore, IPCC and some climate scientists have predicted. It appears the Earth is not nearly as sensitive to CO2 emissions as we have been told. That’s probably one good reason why Europe’s carbon trading market scheme has collapsed.

Despite the continued burning of fossil fuels and the increase in atmospheric CO2, the Earth has not warmed significantly for about 15 years (unless the additional energy is hiding deep in the oceans, as Dr. Kevin Trenberth and others climate scientists have hypothesized). How could those climate models have been so far off?

Is mankind the main cause of global warming (or climate change), or are natural causes like solar radiation and cloud feedbacks mostly to blame?  How much  mankind’s activities contribute to climate change is the question – a little or a lot?

I’ve often heard environmental groups pronounce loudly that “climate change is real!” What a stupid, meaningless phrase. The global climate has never been static – it is always changing and did way before homo sapien sapiens arrived on the scene. Was climate change “real” when it wiped out the dinosaurs? I think so.

So just how is society supposed to react to the statement “climate change is  real?” Of course, climate change is as real now as it was for the dinosaurs 66 million years ago and the Vikings who were able to settle Greenland a thousand years ago as things warmed up up there. Saying “climate change is real” is a silly utterance that does not prove that mankind is the main cause of climate change and therefore that in order to fix it we must all become vegetarians and trade our cars in for bicycles. Oh well, environmentalists have their own agenda.

Maybe when Al Gore downsizes from his $8 million California mansion to 900 square foot, self-sustaining “earth ship” and stops flying around in private jets I will re-consider his sincerity. Do we need to find ways to reduce carbon emissions? Yes, but in a sensible way. Not Al Gore’s way.

Here’s a link to Dr. Roy Spencer’s April 16, 2013 article Global Warming Slowdown: The View From Space. The point of the article is that there are climate scientists’ predictions and then there is reality. Take note of Dr. Spencer’s graph comparing the latest climate model predictions to the actual temperature data, which is based on satellite readings of the Earth’s lower atmosphere. If policy makers are smart, they will focus on reality.

As John Adams once said, “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” Recent evidence shows that the global climate does not appear to be as sensitive to green house gas emissions as we have been led to believe. Stubborn indeed!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!


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