Jihad in Boston?

Drudge posted a link to a CNN video that needs to be seen and heard by everyone. (Link to video at the end of this story.) The mother of the Boston bombers says, “I don’t care if my youngest son is going to be killed today. I want the world to hear this. And, I don’t care if I am going to get killed too. And I will say Allahu Akbar (God is greatest)!”

The jihadists are at war with us and we need to be aware of it. This is not proof that the Tsarnaevs are jihadists, but it sure adds to the evidence.

What also disturbs me is that this video is not readily available on the CNN website, although CNN has confirmed to me that this is a CNN production and can be found by reading Piers Morgan Live transcript from 4/23/13. This should be plastered all over CNN’s front page. Are they showing their political correctness by suppressing this story? Call CNN and complain and ask them to make this video easily accessible. 404.827.1500.

Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=muMu0ay9xJM

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