Police Chief targeted Obama supporters

bankers for Obama.jpeg

This bumper sticker was spotted on the stretch limousine belonging to disgraced hedge fund manager and former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine.

(May 13, 2013) Bandelier City, New Mexico:

Information has been obtained that the chief of police of Bandelier City issued an inappropriate directive to his officers during the last election cycle. The order stated that all police officers who spot motorists with Obama bumper stickers should immediately run their license plate numbers through the system to check for any outstanding traffic violations. When asked about this questionable practice, Chief Edgar Lee was quoted as saying that “it was not done because of any political bias.”


(Update) Nancy Pelosi and an unnamed official at the American Civil Liberties Union were heard saying separately today that the real issue is not that the police were abusing their power and using it to intimidate liberals for Obama, but that the real issue is that the Supreme court has ruled that bumper stickers are a form of free speech and that even the 1%-ers like ex-hedge fund manager Jon Corzine are people too and entitled to the protection of free speech. If we didn’t know any better we would say that Ms. Pelosi and the ACLU are coordinating their talking points in response to this egregious incident.

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