Racists, Racists, Everywhere!

Speaking on MSNBC on Tuesday, civil rights activist Julian Bond tried to defend the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups by saying:

“I mean, here are a group of people who are admittedly racist, who are overtly political, who tried as best they can to harm President Obama in every way they can.”

“[The Tea Party] is the Taliban wing of American politics and we all ought to be a little worried about them.”

This kind of slanderous lying deserves to be answered, so I tracked down Julian Bond’s email address at American University and sent him the following letter:

Racists, Racists, Everywhere!

Dear Julian Bond,

You routinely throw charges of racism at people you don’t even know. This is a strategy you use to discredit, in the minds of others, people with whom you disagree politically. Since you have no evidence that most Tea Party members are racists, it means that you are in essence publicly bearing false witness against thousands of people. You are therefore, guilty of breaking one of God’s Ten Commandments. Surely that cannot be a good thing.

It would be like Walter Williams saying that Democrats should all be investigated because as everyone knows they are all lying, cheating adulterers.

But unlike you, Walter Williams is an honest, classy guy and would never bear false witness against people with whom he disagrees politically. He argues ideas and uses facts.

I am a white, conservative male who has black heroes. You cannot explain this. But I can assure you, you are not one of them.

Another subject: Yesterday Chris Matthews was critical of President Obama on his TV show. In your twisted world this absolutely makes Matthews a white racist. Will you try to get Chris fired or ask the I.R.S. to audit him?


Frotho Canutus

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