McAuliffe for Governor! – that is, if you like cronyism, corruption and dishonesty.

Terry turns $100,000 into $8 million in less than two years! Genuis or something fishy?

Terry turns $100,000 into $8 million in less than two years! Genuis or something fishy?

I will not advise the people of Virginia to vote for Ken Cuccinelli because I know nothing about him, but to elect Terry McAuliffe would be a grave error in judgment. If one looks into McAuliffe’s political and financial history it stinks like a rotten fish. Have the majority of Americans become so desensitized to corruption in their leaders? If so, people like McAuliffe will continue to be elected and the country will continue its moral and financial decline.

For folks not aware of McAuliffe’s questionable past here’s one tidbit: In 1997, McAuliffe, a close associate of President Clinton, invested approximately $100,000 in Global Crossing, an offshore-based telecommunications company that provided fiber-optic services worldwide. The company went public in 1998. The following year, McAuliffe sold the majority of his Global Crossing stock for an $8 million profit.  How McAuliffe turned $100,000 into $8 million in less than two years is extremely fishy and is quite reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s brilliant $1000 investment in cattle futures, which resulted in a profit of nearly $99,000 within 10 months.

I can only think of three kinds of people who would want  a person like Terry McAuliffe to be the next governor of Virginia.

1. Those who are ignorant of McAullife’s questionable activities in political fundraising and who swoon at his empty promises. (Some of you may not remember those lucrative “sleepovers” at the Clinton White House? It was McAuliffe who devised this unscrupulous way to raise funds by renting out the Lincoln bedroom in the People’s House and selling access to President Clinton.)

2. Committed liberals who care little if their candidates will act ethically or honestly once they are in power as long as they advance left-wing policies.

3. Power players who expect personal favors from Mr. McAuliffe once he assumes power. (This is how McAuliffe has built his career and his bank account.)

Therefore, the likely McAuliffe voter must be one who is either ignorant of recent history,  or one who excuses dishonesty and corruption for the sake of political expediency, or one who has something directly to gain from a McAuliffe victory. Without knowing Ken Cuccinelli or Robert Sarvis, chances are very high that one of them is a better choice for governor than the crony “capitalist” Terry McAuliffe.

Also, McAuliffe’s  bid for governor is as much about that as it is about putting a Clinton machine in place to help Hillary’s presidential ambitions in 2016.


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