What “Free Health Care” Gets You.

"Free" Health Care for Everyone. Utopia is within your reach!

“Free” Health Care for Everyone. Utopia is within your reach!

Be careful what you wish for! Anyone who is lured by the temptation of “free” health care or who believes that health care professionals and insurers should not be allowed to “profit off of sick people” need to read the following AP report. Obamanos!

Link: Doctors Say Venezuela’s Health Care in Collapse

U.S. Tornado & Hurricane Activity in 2013 Defying Climate Alarmists

AP Photo: Providence Rhode Island 1938

AP Photo: Providence Rhode Island 1938

The mainstream media has been dutifully repeating the claim that “climate change” (which has mostly replaced the term “global warming”)* will lead to more frequent and more extreme weather events. Their fundamental argument is that man-made greenhouse gas emissions, which are accumulating in the atmosphere due to the burning of fossil fuels, will cause an increase in extreme weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and the like. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not cooperating with their faulty theories.

1. “So far, 2013 is on pace to be a record low tornado year.” (Link to source)

2. According to NOAA, “There have been no major hurricanes thus far in 2013” and “Tropical cyclone activity through the end of October was about 70 percent below the 1981-2010 average.” (Link to source)


NOAA Graph

NOAA Graph showing 2013 Tornado Activity (black line) vs. data from 1954-2007

The NOAA graph at left shows tornado activity so far in 2013 (black line) to be at its lowest observed level when compared with data gathered from 1954 – 2007.

In addition, not a single major hurricane, defined as a Category 3 storm or higher  has made landfall in the United States in over eight years. This is by far the longest hurricane “drought” on record.

Therefore, I would like to know why the Obama administration is bent on putting in place climate change policies that will put hard-working people in the energy industry out of work and increase everyone’s monthly energy bills – all because of a policy based on false predictions and scare tactics.

Tell your Congressman that we don’t want damaging and expensive climate policies that will have little effect on climate trends. Our environmental policies must be formulated with wisdom and reason and must be based only on the facts. One important fact is that the climate models, which some want us to base our climate policy on, have failed to predict the lack of global warming in the last 15 years or so. Formulating policies based on models that don’t work is nothing short of foolish.

*Perhaps the term “global warming” has not been used much lately because measurements show that Earth’s surface temperatures have not risen for approximately 16 years despite the fact that there is far more CO2 in the atmosphere now than 16 years ago.

Revisiting Frédéric Bastiat

Frédéric Bastiat

Frédéric Bastiat

The Wisdom of Frédéric Bastiat:

“Once the legislator is placed at this incommensurable distance from other men, and believes, in all conscience, that he can dispose of their time, their labor, and their transactions, all of which are their property, what man in the whole country has the least knowledge of the position in which the law will forcibly place him and his line of work tomorrow? And, under such conditions, who can or will undertake anything?”

“What must be the consequence of all this? Capital and labor will be frightened; they will no longer be able to count on the future. Capital, under the impact of such a doctrine, will hide, flee, be destroyed. And what will become, then, of the workers, those workers for whom you profess an affection so deep and sincere, but so unenlightened? Will they be better dressed when no one dares to build a factory? Will they have more employment when capital will have disappeared?”

“Whereas the legislator’s principle involves virtual slavery, the economists’ principle implies liberty. Property, the right to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor, the right to work, to develop, to exercise one’s faculties, according to one’s own understanding, without the state intervening otherwise than by its protective action—this is what is meant by liberty. And I still cannot understand why the numerous partisans of the systems opposed to liberty allow the word liberty to remain on the flag of the Republic.”

“Let us never forget that, in fact, the government has no resources of its own. It has nothing, it possesses nothing that it does not take from the workers. When, then, it meddles in everything, it substitutes the deplorable and costly activity of its own agents for private activity.”

Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850) was a French economist and legislator who devoted himself to the promotion and protection of Liberty. The ideas and ideals expressed in his writings are as relevant today as they were when they were written over 160 years ago. So many of the large problems that we face today as a nation could have been avoided if we had not ignored the ideas of such great thinkers as Adam Smith, or Edmund Burke, or the subject of this post, Frederic Bastiat.

I have added a new page devoted to a slightly excerpted version of Bastiat’s essay on Property and Law, which I encourage everyone to link to here.