Should we be frightened by the IPCC’s new Climate Report?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report today that is grabbing the headlines. The report basically concludes that mankind’s current activities will lead to catastrophic climate change. But is there really a climate crisis underway?

AP Photo: Providence Rhode Island in 1938. Are storms really worse than they used to be? Or do we suffer from climate amnesia?

AP Photo: Providence Rhode Island in 1938. Are storms really worse than they used to be? Or do we suffer from climate amnesia?

I would like to add a little additional context to the climate debate from a different perspective – the discipline of the archaeology.

In his 2003 book, Looking Beneath the Surface: The Story of Archaeology in New Jersey, R. Alan Mounier says that, “About 11,000 years ago the sea stood as much as 262 feet below its present level, and the shoreline lay as much as 100 miles to the east of its current position (Edwards and Emery 1977).”

So you see people the oceans have been rising for a very, very long time. This is not a new phenomenon. When we build along our coasts it is always at our own peril.

Archaeologists study climate change and even they know that climate change is nothing new:

Environmental conditions in the (U.S.) Southwest are extremely variable in terms of both place and time. By this I mean that there are not only marked seasonal changes that play out over decades, centuries, and millennia. Readers should keep in mind that irrespective of similarities in temperatures and rainfall patterns, the environment that we experience today is not the same environment that pre-Hispanic people experienced. Over the past millennia many water sources have dried up, arroyos have been cut, and much of the naturally occurring flora and fauna have disappeared. The last few thousand years have been subject to general and consistent climatic patterns, but we need to be sensitive to the existence of some highly erratic and severe periods that acutely affected the choices available to indigenous people.” Before Santa Fe: Archaeology of the City Different, by Jason S. Shapiro, Museum of New Mexico Press, Santa Fe, 2008, p. 6.

And while the climate always changes, whether it be from natural or man-made forces, it will present challenges, but it will also bring new opportunities as it did in the past:

“Eventually the persistent warming trends associated with the Altithermal caused even more noticeable changes throughout the Southwest. The new opportunities associated with different plant and animal foods, as well as the techniques needed to collect, process, and store them, became integral to the next cultural period that we will examine, the Archaic.” Before Santa Fe: Archaeology of the City Different, p.47.

Don’t believe the doom and gloom hype coming from the IPCC. If we take a rational approach to the changing climate we will be far better off than if we act out of fear. The fear-based approach will cost us far more in lives and wealth than a rational approach. Technology and economic freedom will solve our problems, not fear mongering and coercive governing which seeks to mold human behavior and raise the price of the energy that heats our homes, powers our hospitals, produces and delivers our food, etc. The Kerry-Obama-IPCC-AlGore approach is based on false assumptions – the IPCC climate models did not predicted the lack of warming over the last approx. 17 years or so. The climate does not seem to be as sensitive to CO2 as we have been led to believe. There is no crisis. Stop the nonsense IPCC!

Frotho Canutus

Random Thoughts

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder,  a paid servant of the people.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, a paid servant of the people.

Letting Convicted Criminals Vote

Do you value your right to vote? Should anyone be allowed to vote? President Obama’s right hand man, Attorney General Eric Holder, is working quickly and furiously to allow convicted felons, some who commit the most violent crimes against their fellow men, the right to vote. Is there anyone who can argue with a straight face that giving people convicted of armed robbery, murder, car-jacking or rape the right to vote will be a good thing for this country? Wow! Look at Eric Holder. Look at how low our country has sunk.

Putin vs. Obama

It is very dangerous when a when a weak leader like President Obama, in way over his head, is challenged with a foreign crisis like Crimea. His desire to suddenly appear strong and silence his critics, but without the heart or stomach to follow a coherent strategy through to the end is a very dangerous urge that could set the stage for future unthinkable disasters. For one thing, the Republicans should stop publicly daring Obama to “do something” about Crimea. Don’t egg a weakling on to fight a bully – he might get creamed.

At this point, there is little in the short-term President Obama can do. I am not saying President Obama should do nothing about Russia’s invasion of Crimea, but whatever he does it should not be done rashly, it must be part of a viable long term strategy and it must be done for the right reasons. Playing politics with foreign policy is very dangerous. That goes for Republicans too.

When the administration of Neville Chamberlain encouraged Hitler through its weakness and naïveté to invade his neighbors, at least in Great Britain it was possible to call for a new administration who could get serious about stopping the tyrant’s designs, and it was done – Churchill was appointed Prime Minister. In the U.S. we are stuck with Obama for almost three more years and so the world watches and nervously waits. Who is nervous? Japan, Western Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Israel. Who is not so nervous? China, Vladimir Putin, Iran’s Mullahs, Kim Jong-un.

Some say it is ridiculous to compare Putin to Hitler, Obama to Chamberlain, etc. But some general parallels do apply that are instructive. Mark Twain once said that although history does not repeat itself, it often rhymes. Weakness encourages aggression. It’s true in the schoolyard. It’s true on the world stage. It was true in the 1930’s and it is just as true now. Unfortunately, many modern-day liberal progressives do not study history and thus do not have any compass to guide them. Theoretical ideas and political correctness are no substitute for historical knowledge.

Conservatives vs. Liberals: A View of Big Government and a Challenge

When conservatives complain that the IRS has used its coercive power to abuse them and stifle their political speech, liberals shrug it off – no problem they say, conservatives should stop whining. But when liberal leaders in Congress like Diane Feinstein think the Federal government is abusing them (spying drones) they cry foul and demand action.

I know it is difficult for liberals to admit that the federal government has gotten too large, too powerful, too coercive, too invasive – they don’t want to sound like their Tea Party opponents. But the time has come for all sides to agree that we need to reign in the beast we have created. The Obama administration will not offer any assistance in this area. It likes the power it has and will try to expand it. What liberals do not seem to understand is that someday they may be the target of a wrathful, powerful administration (a few who don’t toe the line are already).

It’s not a liberal vs. conservative argument as the media often portrays it. Those who marginalize the issue do not understand the dangerous political atmosphere it creates. The United States Constitution set up a limited form of government. And under it Congress and the Executive have enumerated, specific powers. Either you believe in the Constitution or you don’t. Don’t cherry pick the parts you like and ignore the parts you don’t. If you don’t believe in the Constitution, stop pretending that you do.

If you believe in the rule of law and not the rule of whim, then defend all parts of the Constitution, not just the parts that support you fleeting causes. The alternative will lead to anarchy and misery. It’s time for liberals and conservatives to put the future of our country above personal concerns and party politics. We must join hands to reign in Congress and the federal bureaucracy that routinely exceeds its statutory powers. If We the People do not demand a return to Constitutional principles and the Rule of Law then we are all at risk of being personally abused and even ruined by our own federal government.


“Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make good use of it! If you do not, I shall repent it in Heaven that I ever took half the pains to preserve it!”
John Adams, April 26, 1777