An African-American Rebellion

More and more African-Americans are beginning to realize they have been lied to by the Democrat party. I am sure that some on the political left will argue that this video was funded by the Koch brothers or come up with some other delusional explanation, but the producer of the video, Jeremy Segal of says that these Black community leaders reached out to conservatives, not the other way around. They did so because their voices were being ignored by the mainstream press. As anyone who pays attention knows, most of the people who control the major TV networks and news organizations have been big supporters of President Obama and the Democrats. They are not honestly reporting what is going on in the black urban areas because they know it does not put Democrats in a good light.

You have done great work Mr. Segal by covering what the mainstream media will not report. Although I agree with much that is said on this video, one idea I disagree with is that governments needs to do more to help Black people. This is the attitude that has hurt so many Blacks in the first place. It implies governments favoring one group over another. It’s an idea that tribalizes Americans into groups and makes us forget we are all Americans first. Politicians have an interest in doing this because it helps them win elections.

Don’t vote for politicians that try to divide us. Conservatism (not necessarily Republicans) will help all Americans including Blacks and other minorities build a better future. The false promises of big government liberalism will be the end of all of us.

Frotho Canutus

P.S. Hey Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Julian Bond and others who benefit from the race grievance industry, more and more Blacks are on to you.

Watch the video by clicking the picture below. 



2 thoughts on “An African-American Rebellion

  1. Another way of looking at welfare is , it keeps people segregated from society and indebted to “The Government” it is intended to keep them on the governments side and keep them voting for those that give them free money! Social Security has somehow been relegated to this same function as well. I am so very pleased that people are waking up to realize that they are allowing others to use and oppress them and that they have a voice and a choice in their lives! Black people may be the largest group, yet it is affecting millions in every ethnic religious and sexual orientation group in this country! Everyone needs to wake up and figure out that Government has turned against the people and has set about controlling every facet of our lives and is forcing everyone to buy products and services from their rich buddies that support the governments agenda!! Wake Up America! Take your power back, take back control grow and eat healthy food, there are ways even in cities! Start businesses and put the government back in it;s real place of protecting this nation and building infrastructure, instead of passing laws to control people!
    It is time to pull the lifetime government pensions and healthcare at the voters expense. It it time to stop career politicians and rewrite the purpose of the FDA, USDA, IRS, he health and welfare system and all other controlling agencies so that they work for the people as they should! And protect our borders, our military and our citizens instead of just the politicians and big business!!!

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