Ebola: Canada Suspends Issuance of Visas

In a move that seems prudent to me, Canada has announced that it will not issue visas to residents from countries with widespread Ebola. Of course, this has displeased many pointy-headed technocrats and academics like a guy named Fidler at Indiana University who says the move violates International Health Regulations. What this guy and others like him are saying is that Canada’s authorities do not have the right to make decisions they feel are necessary to protect their own people. People who do not live in Canada, like Mr. Fidler, should be able to make those decisions because they are wiser, smarter, more enlightened – whatever. Dear Canada – you are not fit to govern yourselves – you must surrender your authority to the world’s technocrats! President Obama is surely displeased with Canada’s decision as well since it contradicts his approach to stopping the spread of Ebola.

See the report on Canada’s Ebola policy here and make up your own mind .

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