Voter Fraud in New Mexico – time to get serious!

KOB News 4 has reported on the first alleged case of voter fraud in New Mexico in this election cycle.  A link to the report as well as a link to another infamous case of New Mexican campaign misconduct can be found at the end of this post.

Voter fraud is a terrible crime and it goes on a lot more than we are able to detect. There will be a tipping point if voter fraud is left unchecked, which could easily lead to civil unrest or even anarchy. At that point our democracy might be lost forever. We have a sacred obligation not to let that happen. There is no question that some policies tend to increase voter fraud, while other policies tend to decrease it.  I have a couple of ideas that, if implemented, may help to minimize voter fraud.

Some leaders and political pundits want to pretend the problem of voter fraud does not even exist. But Project Veritas recently went to North Carolina where there is a hotly contested Senate race and caught numerous campaign workers on video telling an undercover “voter”  that it is OK to cast a vote illegally, even encouraging them to do so. U.S. Representative Jim Moran’s son had to resign as field director of his father’s 2012 campaign for advising a person how to commit voter fraud. This was also caught on video tape. Moran is a Democrat from Northern Virginia. We would be naïve to think that New Mexico is immune to the cancer of voter fraud.



One idea to combat voter fraud in NM is to mandate that the State Attorney General’s Office run commercials during each election season warning TV viewers and other media consumers that if they are caught committing voter fraud, they will be prosecuted and may spend time in jail. Another idea is to have Voter Fraud Warning Signs with a similar message prominently displayed in all our polling places, if we do not do that already.

Would these two mandates require legislative action at the State level in New Mexico? I would like to hear from you about ideas you might have to minimize voter fraud.

Our current Secretary of State in NM, Dianna Duran, appears to take voter fraud very seriously, her opponent tends to favor policies that will make voter fraud easier to commit and harder to detect. If you care about minimizing voter fraud, we have a better chance if we re-elect Dianna Duran. Write your leaders and tell them they must begin getting serious about voter fraud. Don’t let up.


Watch the KOB News 4 report by clicking here.

It was only two years ago that KOB caught campaign workers in Espanola bribing undercover “voters” with alcohol. See the  KOB News 4 report by clicking here.

See the Secretary of the State of New Mexico’s August 2014 Press Release on Compliance with National Voter Registration Act of 1993 by clicking here.

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