University of Virginia v. Rolling Stone

In a follow up to my previous post last December 7th about the Rolling Stone – UVA rape controversy, it can now be reported that the alleged rape probably never happened and Rolling Stone has completely retracted its story. Stone’s editors did this in response to a scathing report based on an investigation by a team from the Columbia School of Journalism, an investigation, which to Rolling’s Stone’s credit, they requested.

In my view the publication of this now debunked gang rape story is just another example of the godless left in this country using any means whatsoever to advance its agenda. And if it means destroying people’s lives or the reputation of a fine university in the process, their attitude seems to be “so be it.” That is of course, until they get caught. This is really no different than celebrity Lena Dunham writing in her book that she was raped by a college Republican named “Barry.” That story too has been completely debunked. But unfortunately for the real Barry the real damage has already been done. OK Ms. Dunham, we get that you don’t like conservatives and Republicans, but really – do you have to stoop to this slanderous garbage that hurts innocent people? You are no feminist hero. You are just a morally bereft person. And the people who foolishly hold up Dunham as a hero are little better. Rosie O. – can you hear me?

I suspect the agenda behind the UVA article that had Rolling Stone foaming at the mouth was the desire to attack and tear down what they view as “white privilege.” Or perhaps it was the reporter’s hatred for men born of a view that men are nothing more than sexual predators. *(See note below.)

Should Rolling Stone‘s management fire the reporter who did the story? Should there be a staff shakeup as a result of this “failure of journalism?” If a reporter on my hypothetical staff had screwed up as badly as this, they would be a goner. Sometimes a little pain is necessary for people to learn their lesson. Maybe they don’t learn from their mistakes in the end, but there has to be just punishment for reckless behavior.

If I were UVA or a member of the fraternity that was tarnished by this ugly and false story in Rolling Stone, I would definitely be moving forward with a lawsuit to seek justice for what has been done.

Reminder: Rock icon Frank Zappa* (OB. 1993) once remarked,

“Rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read.”

*The Columbia report noted that,

Erdely (the reporter of the story) said she was searching for a single, emblematic college rape case that would show “what it’s like to be on campus now … where not only is rape so prevalent but also that there’s this pervasive culture of sexual harassment/rape culture,” according to Erdely’s notes of the conversation.


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