Las Vegas Nightmare

(December 21, 2015) Reports are coming in from Las Vegas Nevada  –  An eyewitness has said that a woman intentionally drove her car up onto a sidewalk Sunday evening and began mowing down pedestrians. One report states, one person is dead, six more are critical and another 26 are injured.

Facts of this case will be certainly revealed over time.

Here is what I want to say and what needs to be said.

First -It will not surprise me to find out that this was an act of jihad. It may not be, but it won’t surprise me because we do have a problem in the United States with Islamic extremists who want to kill as many infidels as they can.

Second – One does not need access to guns to hurt and kill lots of people. If we find that a woman intentionally drove her car into a mass of innocent people will some call for the banning of motor vehicles or at least background checks and waiting periods for those wishing to purchase one?

Third – There is no doubt that Islamic terrorists or others who desire to kill innocent Americans on American soil will find a myriad of ways to do so. If they begin using cars to do so, then we will have an unbelievably deadly and difficult problem on our hands.

Fourth – Some will say “You are politicizing a subject before the facts of the case are in.” Those people would be correct. And what is wrong with that if my intentions are to get people to see clearly what the problem is here – it’s bad or troubled people doing very bad things. Our problem is not with the cars, or guns or pressure cookers.


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