Venezuela in my thoughts and prayers today.

Today is the swearing in of a new National Assembly in Caracas, Venezuela. Violence in the streets is possible. The socialist revolution has been a dismal failure – it has obliterated the economy of Venezuela, once the wealthiest nation in Latin America. The voters rejected the socialist catastrophe by electing a supermajority of opposition members to the Assembly, but President Maduro is using his allies on the Supreme Court to prevent three members from being sworn in, claiming voter fraud. A crisis is looming large in Venezuela today.

The people of Venezuela desperately need relief from the socialist nightmare. Hopefully this will be a turning point. Meanwhile in America, approximately 40% to 50% of the voters favor more socialism and will vote for the Democratic candidate for President this year.

One Maria Isabel Sanchez  reporting for AFP news has written one of the most ridiculous reports about the crisis in Venezuela. This reporter is either ignorant of the socialist policies that have led to this crisis or she is a socialist partisan masquerading as a journalist.


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