Watch Out! The Democrats have your back.

If President Obama or any other liberal Democrat at the national level promises you that they have “got your back” you better watch out. The part they left out was, that if it suits them politically, they will stab you in the back with a knife.

I have two very good examples to prove that what I say is worth heeding.

One: The coal miners in West Virginia and other places who faithfully vote Democrat, yet who are now in the unemployment line because of Obama’s extremely radical environmental policies. I remember the Democrat lady running against Mitch McConnell for the U. S. Senate in Kentucky. To get their votes she told the coal miners she would protect their jobs, while at the same time she indicated to the party bosses and the radical environmentalists that she really had no intention of doing so. She needed to say it to get their votes. In other words, she admitted that she had to lie to the coal miners to advance her political career. Hey, I’m no Mitch McConnell fan, but I am glad she lost. Most of us don’t tolerate liars in our personal lives, why should we tolerate them in politics.

Two: Israel. Obama publicly stated that he had Israel’s back. Nothing is further from the truth. He clearly does not like the leader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu and has shown a severe weakness in dealing with Israel’s sworn enemies, the mullahs of Iran. Obama is the laughing stock of Iran’s leadership. He has given Iran’s terrorists everything they wanted, for nothing in return. They are more belligerent towards the U. S. than ever. They recently captured a dozen or so of our sailors and publicly humiliated them in order to humiliate Obama and the U. S. Pretty soon they will have a nuclear weapon thanks to the help of the Obama administration. It will be a world game changer. But don’t worry people of Israel – Obama has got your back. He said so.

I’ll throw in one more for good measure. Blacks overwhelmingly voted for Obama twice. The campaign messaging from Team Obama was clear – “I’m a black candidate, therefore if you are black it is in your best interests to vote for me, just cuz I’m kinda like you.” Some of these voters proudly admitted they voted for him simply because he was black like them. It’s a really dumb way to decide who to vote for. Same mentality that says – “I’m a woman, therefore I must vote for Hillary.” Well, look at how Black Americans have faired under Obama’s leadership. Generally speaking it has gotten a lot worse for them. Just look at the unemployment statistics for Black Americans. Look at the spike in violent crimes and black homicides on Obama’s watch, most of it Black on Black crime. But Black people shouldn’t be concerned – I’m sure Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, Hillary and the other Democrats have their back.

The Democrat party’s policies have lately harmed many and helped few.


Sacramento Bee asks: Why so many Hillary Haters?

The cartoonish author of the Sac Bee piece thinks he has people like me figured out. Too bad he is wrong. There are many very good reasons why thoughtful people do not want Hillary to be our next President.

I don’t hate Hillary, nor do I hate women. Nor do I only like women who are “10’s.” That’s not it at all. But it was a nice attempt by the cartoon man to paint with a broad brush those he disagrees with politically as being bigoted sexists.

Here’s what I emailed to the author of the Sac Bee piece and his boss:

“We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” –Aesop (620 BC – 560 BC) Greek slave & fable author

Dear Sirs,

She was Secretary of State while raking in millions from foreign interests to the “Clinton Foundation.”

Wall Street banks paying her $150,000 – $200,000 for an hour speech – who is worth that? It’s obvious those banks expect to get something in return – they didn’t get rich by wasting their money now did they?

Routing her official emails through a private server in hopes of maintaining control over information that might be used to incriminate her.

No, nothing fishy about the way she operates!

What scares me is not that corrupt politicians exist, they always have. It’s that the American people have become so confused about what is in the best interests of their country, thanks in large part to the liberal-progressives in media.

I could have gone on about Hillary’s bad behavior, but didn’t. Either you see Hillary for the corrupt person she is, or you won’t.

Not long ago, I sat with a liberal Democrat at a dinner gathering. When asked if he thought Hillary is corrupt he did not hesitate – “Of course she is,” he replied emphatically. This, after expressing disbelief that my wife would not vote for her. “You’re a woman – how can you not be voting for her?” he wanted to know. Eiye yigh yigh. Hey, at least he was honest about corrupt Hillary.

Meanwhile, many of Hillary’s cheerleaders try to convince the rest of us that she is actually an ethical, good person, who has merely been lied about and misunderstood – as if we are too stupid to make up our own minds about her even though we have been observing her bad behavior for well over 20 years.

An American