Why so many Homeless in Democrat-controlled states?

By Mosby Sharp-tone

One clue which backs up conservatives’ claims that the national media outlets are cheerleaders for Democrats is how they cover the issue of homelessness prior to an election. This election season the mainstream media has been mostly silent about the soaring numbers of homeless people in the United States. And personally, I have observed panhandling in the places I’ve been like I’ve never seen it before. Yet MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, and others remain silent on the issue. Reporting the facts on homelessness at this time would reflect badly on Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats. But I remember vividly in 2004 when incumbent President George W. Bush was running for re-election – it seemed there were reports of homelessness every other night on the evening news. The media is not an impartial referee reporting facts. Republicans are treated differently than Democrats. This is an example of how elections are influenced by the propagandists in media. Call it rigging if you want.

Now we hear from a local CBS-Channel 2 -TV in New York City that homelessness there is at an all-time high. We should be thankful that some of the local stations deem such information as news and report it no matter who it makes look bad. Blame for this record-breaking homelessness can certainly at least partially be laid at the feet of the Obama economy and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s policies. But don’t expect to hear that from anyone at NBC or any of the other MSM outlets.


In 2014 Steven Rich of the Washington Post reported that the three states with the highest rates of homeless people were Hawaii (465 homeless per 100,000 people), New York and California – all three states are run by Democrats. The three states with the lowest rate of homelessness were Mississippi (81 homeless per 100,000), Indiana and Kansas – all three states run by Republicans. Coincidence? By the way, the Republican nominee for Vice-president this year is Mike Pence, who also happens to be the governor of Indiana.

Sources: Ballotpedia, and Wikipedia.

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