Fröhliche Weihnachten!

By Frotho Canutus

Angela Merkel has extended her benevolent invitation for Middle Eastern “refugees” to settle in Germany. The German people are now paying for this madness. Is anyone surprised that an Islamic terrorist deliberately drove a truck through a crowd of shoppers today at a Christmas market in Berlin? Today nine innocent shoppers are dead with more than fifty wounded.

When will people learn?


A German blogger posted this satirical picture of German Chancellor Angela Merkel saying “What else can I do for you?

President Obama has set in motion a policy to allow 100,000 plus Syrian “refugees” into the United States. Will people act surprised when a jihadist plows  a vehicle through a crowd of people here in America? I predict it will happen on the scale we have seen in Nice and Berlin. And it will happen because of President Obama and his policies. It will happen because President Obama has many foolish enablers in the media and elsewhere.

Merry Christmas!

From Rottweil Weblog

“So wird sie eines Tages dreist behaupten, sie sei völlig unschuldig an der illegalen Grenzöffnung und den Millionen „Flüchtlingen“, die auch ohne Papiere in unser Land dürfen. Das sei nicht ihr Werk! Es dreht einem den Magen um! Man wird krank!”

“Es ist zu erwarten, dass viele andere unschuldige Europäer wegen Angela Merkels sterben werden.”
“Merkel muss gehen!”


One day, for example, (Merkel) will boldly assert that she is completely innocent of the illegal frontier opening and the millions of “refugees” who are allowed to enter our country without papers. This is not her work! It turns your stomach! It makes you sick!

It is to be expected that many other innocent Europeans will die because of Angela Merkel.
(This prediction was made in November of 2015)
Merkel has to go!
Update Dec. 20, 2016 10:05 am  EST: The death toll has now risen to twelve.

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