Dear Connie Chung:

Dear Connie Chung:

Your heartfelt Washington Post letter – a recollection of how you were sexually violated decades ago does not prove that Brett Kavanaugh is guilty of anything. Let’s be honest, preventing the Kavanaugh confirmation is the primary reason you wrote your piece. Timing is everything. The fact that you voted twice for Bill Clinton, a known sexual abuser, begs the obvious question: why did you not “come out” before when you had multiple opportunities – in support of Juanita Broderick or Paula Jones, or Monica Lewinsky? Suddenly, we now hear from you 20 years after the blue dress was stained by Clinton in the Oval Office. There were surely plenty of other relevant opportunities for your coming out moment – Harvey Whinestein or Bill Co…Les Moon… Matt L. – though they were not conservative nominees for the Supreme Court that needed to be derailed by the political left. Your coming out now during the Kavanaugh ambush appears to be not much more than a transparent political play. I don’t think you want it viewed as such, but it was your choice.

Connie Chung’s past experience with sexual abuse is not evidence in any other case of sexual abuse. Some high profile sexual abuse accusations have in fact been true, some only partially true and some completely fabricated (think UVA and Rolling Stone) as has been determined by juries in our courts of law. Courts are flawed too, and don’t always get it right. Has Connie Chung’s “coming out” suddenly now reversed the innocence of the men accused in the UVA case, or North Carolina, or Barry (in the (Dunham case)? Dear Connie, I hope you and your fellow Americans are smarter than the “Believe Woman” mentality. Humans do not always tell the truth. No gender is excepted. Also, it is well known that our memories of events near and far are not always accurate, no matter how sincerely we believe them. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever know the “truth” in the Ford/Kavanaugh case of 35 years ago. It is not far-fetched to think, given the low character of the inhabitants in Washington, that the Kavanaugh accusation is merely a politically motivated attempt by Democrats to prevent a Trump nominee from becoming the next member of the Supreme Court.

If sharing your story with the rest of us is so traumatic, will you will one day conclude it was worth sharing? Kavanaugh’s fate will perhaps in large part determine that, I suppose.

Let’s be honest, our personal preferences for Supreme Court nominees are not evidence in support of the guilt or innocence of Judge Kavanaugh. The overwhelming point is that the timing of the accusation is quite fishy – like a dead fish reeking in a trash can on a hot summer day. Resist emotion. Embrace critical thinking. Compassion for all.

Question: What is the basic role of the Supreme Court? Do most people have a clue? Sadly, they do not.

An American

When Donald Trump Wins…

By Frotho Canutus

When Donald Trump wins the Presidency next Tuesday, do not expect a peaceful transition of power. There will be incitements by Trump-haters to do violence in the aftermath of his victory.  There will be unrest in the streets. Hillary’s cheerleaders in the mainstream media will come unhinged. There will be lawsuits filed by Camp Hillary challenging the election results. (Of course, Democrats will support Hillary’s right to contest the election. Yet it was these same hypocrites who claimed Donald Trump was wrong to take a wait and see approach regarding the election results.) How do I predict such things? Do I have a magic, crystal ball? No, my prediction is based on what is already happening.


This photo shows damage caused by the firebombing of the Orange County Republican Party office in Hillsborough, North Carolina during the night of October 15th -16th, 2016. The Charlotte Division of the FBI and the Hillsborough police are seeking information from the public to help identify the person or persons responsible for the arson and graffiti. As of November 2, 2016 no arrests have been made. Photo: Jonathan Drew, AP

Camp Hillary has already filed four lawsuits regarding the election. Clinton operatives have been caught on video revealing their schemes to cause trouble at Trump rallies including one seeking to provoke Trump supporters into throwing punches. One Democrat operative even revealed a strategy to maintain plausible deniability, so that the Clinton campaign can claim its innocence in these matters. Worse yet, there have been numerous instances of Trump supporters being physically assaulted by people we can safely assume are Hillary supporters.  And on the night of October 15th, a Republican Party office in North Carolina was firebombed and graffiti was sprayed nearby which read, “Nazi Republicans leave town or else.”

Here are links to some examples of the destruction of property and violence against Trump supporters:


Hillary and Other Democrats Hold the Keys to Heaven and Hell – Good to Know!

Black Americans voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama. Somehow they thought that having a Black President* would benefit them. In reality, it is a President’s policies that help or hurt people, not the color of their skin. Too bad many people do not understand this simple concept. Nor do they seem to understand what policies help or hurt them. If they did, they would not continue to vote for Liberals.

Since Barack Obama took office in 2009 race relations have gotten worse, not because whites have become more racist under Barack Obama, but because he , Eric Holder and other Democrats have fanned the flames of disaffection in Black communities across America.  Adding to that disaffection is a sluggish economy.  In fact we have had the slowest economic recovery since WWII under Barack Obama, which is, in part, BECAUSE of this President’s anti-business policies.

How has the Barack Obama Presidency helped Black people in America? Contrary to the “Hope” Barack Obama held out for them, they have not fared well. We need to look no further than a comparison of the latest unemployment rate between White-Americans, African-Americans, and Asian-Americans. According to the Barack Obama’s own Federal Bureau of Labor, the unemployment rate in January 2016 for Whites was 4.7%, for Asians it was 3.7%, but for Blacks it was 9.1%. (Source:

Now we hear foolish things coming from supporters of Hillary Clinton like, “There’s a special place in hell” for women who don’t vote for Hillary. How is it that Hillary’s gender will somehow translate into a benefit for all women if she is elected? It is the same anti-intellectual thought process that has disappointed so many Black people who thought Barack Obama would be their savior.

Madeleine Albright

Hillary cackles at Madeleine Albright’s “Special place in hell for women” comment in New Hampshire. Silly people in the background applaud the stupidity.

It is the Liberal-progressive politicians’ policies, their obsession with race, their anti-business attitudes and their cronyism that hurts the majority of Americans. While the rest of us suffer, they benefit in power and money. Just look at how much money Hillary and Bill Clinton have reaped in speaking fees from the big Wall Street banks. It may be legal, but it stinks like a dead fish and reveals clearly that Hillary is in the pocket of those banks. Contrary to her promises, she will not be looking out for the little people if she becomes President. She is a snake – forked tongue and dangerous.

An American

*Actually Mr. Obama is half Black, half White.