An Arrest has been made in the Hopewell Baptist Church Burning

(Update to our previous post.)

The  Delta Democrat Times, WREG News Channel 3, and other news agencies are reporting that Andrew McClinton, 45, of Leland, Mississippi has been arrested and charged with first-degree arson in the burning of the Hopewell Baptist Church in Greenville Mississippi. McClinton is a black man, and is a member of the Hopewell church, whose congregation is predominantly African-American.


Andrew McClinton, 45 has been arrested and charged with first-degree arson.

Mississippi authorities who made the arrest have not indicated any motive for the arson. Surely, many people originally jumped to the conclusion that the arson must have been committed by a white, Trump-loving racist (the words “Vote Trump” were spray painted on the side of the church around the time it was torched). Some Hillary Clinton supporters will no doubt be privately disappointed by this new development. The arson was committed one week before the presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Hopefully an arrest will soon be made in burning of the Republican Party office in Hillsborough, North Carolina last October.


By Mosby Sharp-tone

Trump has won the election and many celebrities are apparently on the move! Whoo hoo!

Bryan Cranston was seen packing his bags.

Samuel L. Jackson longs for South Africa.

Lena Dunham is moving to a “lovely place” in Vancouver.

Neve Campbell (who?) is moving back home to Canada. Apparently her fellow Canadians can’t wait.

Natasha Lyonne may be checking herself in to mental hospital. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Cher is taking aim at planet Jupiter. We wish her a speedy recovery as well.

Miley Cyrus has threatened to move somewhere, but she’s not sure where yet. It’s hard when you have trouble reading a map.

Barbara Streisand is worried that Canadian border security will not let her pass through the line. No wonder she supports Democrats – the party of open borders!

Ne-Yo  and Drake apparently want to move to Canada, a very popular place these days, or so I hear.

Amy Schumer is moving to Spain.

Chelsea Handler (who?) promised that unlike some blowhards she “actually will leave that country.” Now that’s real conviction and reminds me of when President Obama promised the Affordable Care Act would save families an average $2500 a year on health insurance. We wish Handler and her handlers well.

Jon Stewart is preparing a rocket for travel to another planet. Perhaps he will be joining Cher on Jupiter.


Jon Stewart and Cher moments after liftoff.

Whoopi Goldberg, who bragged she can afford to go somewhere far away, will hopefully do so, for our sake and for hers.

Keegan-Michael Key is fleeing north to Canada, which is great because I’ve heard the healthcare there is really good and a lot cheaper than it is here in the United States.

George Lopez, who is the self-appointed spokesperson for all Hispanics in the U.S. is leading the “were all going back” movement. We’re confused by this since George was born in California.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg announced months ago that she is going to New Zealand, thus freeing up yet one more seat on the Supreme Court.

Al Sharpton has reserved a ticket to somewhere, but is being a little slippery and not revealed where.

Barry Diller is either joining “the resistance” or moving somewhere. He is still undecided. I vote go somewhere.

Chloe Sevigny is heading for Nova Scotia apparently to become a lobsterwoman or something.

Eddie Griffin (who?) is going to Africa, where he probably believes they will appreciate his humor.

Amber Rose is going somewhere and taking her son with her. I hope she lets him finish the school year first. That kind of thing can really throw a kid off.

Raven-Symone is going to Canada, if they let her in.

Omari Hardwick is going to Italy. One of the best choices I’ve heard so far.

Ian Somerhalder is still consulting his travel agent.

A going away party is apparently in the works. It’s sure to be a popular event. We’ll keep you posted.

(Full disclosure: I’ve never heard of many of these people before.)



Hillary’s Soul Food Tour

By Mosby Sharp-tone

Every four years Democrats make the rounds to court African-American and other minority voters, which is fine. Hillary has been spotted lately in precincts with large minority populations doing just that. Blacks voters as a whole overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. But do the Democrats’ promises to Blacks and other minorities ever materialize? My sincere hope is that all voters reflect on the past eight years of the Obama administration and ask themselves two important questions: Am I better off now than I was before Obama took office? Obama says it is necessary to elect Hillary Clinton to continue his policies. Who will help or hurt my situation more, Clinton or Trump?

The first question is more easily answered than the second question. Since I am not a minority, I cannot answer for anyone who is, but on the first question there are statistics and the statistics that I think are the most telling are the ones gathered on poverty, employment and crime. These statistics contain strong evidence that minorities have suffered under President Obama and his policies.

For instance, in some urban areas (generally controlled by Democrats), violent crime is skyrocketing. According to WLS-TV in Chicago:

“The newest crime numbers from the Chicago Police Department are staggering.”

“Police said Tuesday there were 78 murders, 353 shootings and 427 shooting victims last month (October 2016). That means there have been 605 murders, 3,003 shootings and 3,633 shooting victims so far this year. In October 2015, 31 people were killed.”

Most of the victims are black men. The violent crime spike in Chicago has taken place on  Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s watch. Emmanuel is, of course, a Democrat and a man who has been closely associated with President Obama.

Again WLS-TV: “In August – the only month to record more homicide victims than October – more than 90 people were killed in Chicago, marking the highest number of murders in a single month in the city since August 1996, according to police records. Chicago has not seen more than 600 homicides in a year since 2003 and not more than 700 homicides since 1998, records show.”

Lets look at the labor participation rate for Whites, Blacks and Asians. These statistics are from the U. S. Bureau of Labor and are seasonally adjusted. In 2006 the number of White people over age 16 that were unemployed was 62.3 million. In 2015 that number had increased to 73.7 million, a jump of about 18%. The number of Black people over the age of 16 that were unemployed in 2006 was 9.7 million. In 2015 that number had increased to 12.2 million a jump of nearly 25%. For Asians over 16, those unemployed had jumped from 3.5 million in 2006 to 5.4 million in 2015, a whopping increase of about 54%.

According to statistics provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation the poverty rate in 2015 for Whites was 9%. For Hispanics the poverty rate in 2015 was 21% and for Blacks it was 24%. It doesn’t look like Obama’s policies have lifted up minorities very much despite the hope and change that was promised.

The fact is that President Obama’s bad economic policies have hurt Blacks and other minorities far more than Whites. If Blacks and other minorities like what Obama’s policies have done for them, then I guess they’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton.


Author’s note to the reader:

I hope the reader will forgive me for this imperfectly written blog post. I could spend days trying to improve it, but by then the election will be over and so I offer it up as is. Some will say I have cherry-picked data. For those who are doubtful of my conclusion that Democrat policies have been bad for minorities, I encourage them to do their own research and back up it up with real data, not just opinion. And putting racial divisions aside for a moment, I encourage people to find out how many Americans are on food stamps now and if that is a measure of success for the Obama administration. When it comes right down to it we are all Americans. The liberal/progressive economic policies of Obama have hurt us all. According table #24 of the Census Bureau, the overall poverty rate for all Americans during Bill Clinton’s presidency (1994-2001) was 12.86%. During the Bush years (2002-2009) the poverty rate for all Americans was only slightly better at 12.77%, but under President Obama on average 14.67% of all Americans have lived in poverty from 2010-2015. No wonder many Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction – they are the ones who are paying attention and are not falling for the spin coming from the Democrat Party and the Obama Administration.