It’s Official – Trump Wins!

trump-towerMore importantly, the country wins. Despite the death threats and intimidation, the Electors have voted. Donald Trump will be our next president. Even though they will never admit it, even Democrats will benefit from the new administration. Obama was a disaster.

AP news is reporting that Trump received 304 electoral votes, Hillary Clinton received 227. Trump lost two votes to “faithless electors,” while Clinton lost five. Sorry, Hillary.





Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton by John Trumbull, 1806. Hamilton was a strong advocate of the Electoral College system.

By Lucius Cincinnatus

Lawrence Lessig recently argued in the Washington Post why the Electoral College Electors should cast their vote for Hillary Clinton against the wishes of voters who chose them. In his opinion piece, Mr. Lessig poses a hypothetical situation – “What if the people elect a Manchurian candidate?” His question may not be as hypothetical as he thinks it is. It may be that the people did reject a “Manchurian candidate” if ever there was one. Yes, I mean Mrs. Clinton. (“Manchurian candidate,” is a metaphor for a tool or puppet of foreign governments.) Let’s have a look at it.

Why were so many foreign governments willing to “donate” millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation? Why did the Arab state of Qatar donate $1 million to the Clinton Foundation in 2011 while Hillary was Secretary of State? Even more interesting is why didn’t the Clinton Foundation report the donation to the State Department? After all, that was a condition the State Department set up and which Hillary agreed to.

According to Time Magazine, in recent years, Chinese businessman, Wang Wenliang donated a total of $2 million to the Clinton Foundation. Then there is the case of loyal Clintonite and now governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe and his campaign who are currently under federal investigation for accepting $120,000 from Mr. Wenliang.

Some of us, who are old enough to remember the 1990’s, remember that it was the Chinese who were trying to influence American politics by funneling money to the Clinton-Gore presidential campaign. Yes, they were caught and forced to return the money. These are historical facts:…/stories/trie0522…

The pattern is there for all to see.

Now, if Hillary is your gal, you can ignore all of this or dismiss it as a vast right-wing conspiracy. But thankfully, enough voters saw Hillary for the deeply corrupt person that she is and they denied her the presidency. So Mr. Lessig, while some points of your argument are persuasive, in this particular instance, it does not make sense for the Electors to contradict the people and install Hillary. Why would they want to hand over the White House keys to the person who most resembles a real Manchurian candidate?

I thank Mr. Lessig for choosing the Manchurian candidate example. It was perfect.

Hypocritical Hillary or, the Altruism of Jill Stein


Hillary Clinton

The Clinton/Stein campaigns are coordinating with each other to request vote recounts in three states where Donald Trump seems to have won by a slim majority. Stein’s support nation-wide was miniscule, she only got approximately 1% of the popular vote and did not pick up any Electoral College votes. Stein defended the recounts by saying,

“What we’re doing is standing up for an election system that we can trust. We deserve to have votes that we can believe in,” Stein said in a video on her Facebook page. “This is a commitment that Greens have expressed — that we stand for election integrity, that we support voting systems that respect our vote.  We demand voting systems that are accurate, that are publicly controlled, that are not privatized.”

“This initiative is not about helping one candidate and hurting another,” she said. “We said over and over, we don’t support either of them. In this recount effort, we’re not attempting to overthrow Donald Trump, and I don’t expect that will be the outcome.”

(Source: Detroit Free Press@

Stein is being disingenuous. She is only looking for recounts in states where Trump appears to have the lead over Clinton – in Wisconsin by 27,257 votes, in Pennsylvania by 68,236 votes and in Michigan by 11,612. If Stein does not favor one candidate over another as she claims then why does she not demand a recount in New Hampshire where Hillary only seems to have won by less than 2,800 votes, or Maine where she is ahead by only 20, 035 votes? The answer is that Stein, who is far more aligned with Clinton when it comes to politics and public policy, is doing this at the request of Mrs. Clinton. Of course, Stein prefers a President Clinton to a President Trump.

Even though their efforts won’t change the outcome of the election, the Clinton/Stein strategy seeks to fan the flames of Democratic voter discontent. It attempts to plant the seed of election illegitimacy in the minds of their supporters. One unfortunate outcome of all this is the destabilization of our U.S. presidential voting system. The left never loses quietly or with grace.

Donald Trump was battered by the Hillary, her supporters and the mainstream media for saying he would have to wait and see if he would accept the election results. Hillary has flipped – it is she who is not willing to accept the election results. As recently as October 20th Hillary characterized the position she is now taking as “horrifying.”

Opportunists who will do anything to get what they want have no shame when it comes to taking hypocritical positions.

Lucius Cincinnatus

Source for vote tallies: CNN @