In politics misinformation is routinely masqueraded around as the truth. That said, it’s no surprise that we just re-hired a president who claims that he can cut the federal deficit in a meaningful way by raising taxes on the wealthy. Putting that illusion aside, the truth is that we are now running record deficits despite the fact that president Obama claimed in 2008 that he would cut them in half and who, after spending $800 billion in stimulus money, had to admit that all those “shovel ready” jobs weren’t so shovel ready after all. It’s like an older child who resists the obvious truth that Santa Claus is only make believe. A majority of the electorate has chosen once again to perpetuate the Obama illusion.

One common talking point I’ve heard repeated over and over again is that President Obama would have accomplished so much more in his first term if it were not for Republican “obstructionists.” The people who repeat this falsehood are either dishonest or ignorant of the facts.

The Democrats controlled both houses of Congress for the first two years (2009-2010) of the Obama presidency. To say that Republicans prevented Obama from being successful during his first two years in office is utterly ridiculous.

Does the Republicans-as-obstructionists theory apply to 2011-2012 after the GOP was handed control of the House? Only if one is willing to ignore certain inconvenient facts.  In May of this year the Democrat-controlled Senate defeated Obama’s budget proposal 99-0. That means that more Democrat Senators “obstructed” Obama’s budget than did Republican Senators. The important story there is that not a single member of Obama’s own party in the Senate voted for his 2013 budget. Obama was a victim of Democrat obstructionism.

But wait, there’s more proof that Republican obstructionism is a myth created by the left in order to deceive the folks. A year earlier, in May of 2011, Obama’s budget was rejected 97-0 in the Senate. Again not a single Democrat was willing to support the President’s budget. He received two unanimous no confidence votes from his own party. It doesn’t get any worse than that.

The Democrat-controlled Senate has not passed a budget in over 3 1/2 years. That makes Senate majority leader Harry Reid the king of “do-nothing.” So how is it that Republicans got painted with this false distinction? Look no further than the purveyors of misinformation like the DNC, MSNBC, The View, MoveOn, Think Progress, the Obama campaign and other groups that favor Democrats. They have been complaining nonstop about Republican obstructionism since Barack Obama first took office. Why haven’t they been complaining about the do-nothing Democrats in the Senate as well? If you can’t figure it out on your own then nothing I say here will matter.

If large numbers of the American people continue to allow themselves to be manipulated and misled by politicians and the media then there is little hope for our country.  A wise man once said, “The very media, founded on communications and automata, especially television, can communicate illusion as well as reality, and that is all right as long as we know the difference.”