Voter Fraud? What Voter Fraud? Part II

Melowese Richardson

Melowese Richardson

In February 2013 we reported a story from Hamilton County Ohio where poll worker Melowese Richardson admitted on camera that she voted for President Obama more than once during an election cycle.

For those of you who missed it – Ms. Richardson was sentenced in July of 2013 to serve 5 years for violating the principle of “one person, one vote.”

Bravo Judge Robert Ruehlman! The judge’s decision and his defense of the “one person, one vote” principle is well worth listening to (link to video below). The only thing the judge said that I disagree with is when he said that President Obama would be appalled that Melowese Richardson cheated to help him get reelected. No, I rather think that President Obama simply was appalled that she got caught. Many of the liberal election strategists in this country have worked so hard to sow the seeds of confusion and mistrust with regards to elections. Many of the so called “voting rights” laws like “motor voter” that have been implemented in recent years have made it easier to stuff the ballot with phony votes and all while claiming that it is Republicans who want to deny minorities the right to vote. Funny thing is there is never any proof that Republicans “disenfranchise” minority voters. While there is plenty of evidence that unscrupulous Democrats  like Melowese Richardson have no problem cheating at election time. Feminist Nun Marguerite Kloos (likely a Democrat) pleaded guilty to committing voter fraud in Hamilton County in 2012 as did Russell Glassop (party affiliation unknown). I am sure there are examples of Republicans who have been convicted for voter fraud, but evidence indicates that majority of ballot stuffers are from a certain party.


Watch the video:

Voter Fraud Update

In our February 20th post “What Voter Fraud?” we reported the story of Melowese Richardson of Hamilton County Ohio who appeared to admit in a filmed interview that she had voted President Obama more than once in the last election cycle. If you haven’t seen the video of her “mea culpa,” please view the Feb 20th post. You won’t believe it.

Now local ABC News affiliate News Channel 5, Cleveland is reporting that Richardson and two others have been indicted on voter fraud charges by the Hamilton County Prosecutor. See the report here: NEWS Channel 5

If we don’t get very serious about preventing voter fraud,  I’m afraid many of us will lose confidence in our electoral process. Such a travesty as that would be another nail in the coffin of our constitutional republic.


What Voter Fraud?

The Liberal Media is always quick to accuse Republicans of suppressing minority votes at election time, yet curiously they are never able to produce any evidence of this.

I wonder if the same media will be interested in a story that broke recently in Hamilton County, Ohio where an African-American woman has publicly admitted to voting at least twice for Barack Obama in the November election. She may have actually voted up to six times and is being investigated by the Hamilton County Board of elections. Her name is Melowese Richardson and you can watch the video of her “mea culpa” at the end of this story.

When the likes of MSNBC and other propaganda outlets and even attorney general Eric Holder promote this voter suppression lie about Republicans they are subverting our democratic process. It creates mistrust and suspicion among minorities.  Is it any surprise then that Melowese Richardson rationalizes voting more than once for Barack Obama because as she says Mr. Obama “has a right to sit as President of the United States.” Her assertion of that “right” is nothing but a product of the entitlement mentality that has become so pervasive in our country. Does she not realize that no one has a right to the office of the Presidency unless they are legally elected in conformity with the election laws of our land?  Does she think voting for the President of the United States is like voting for the next American Idol, where teenieboppers routinely vote multiple times for their favorite? Ms. Richardson sounds like a smart lady and I think she knows better.

Every election cycle there are people who are convicted of voter fraud, yet the liberal media for the most part turns a blind eye because most people indicted for voter fraud happen to be Democrats. Don’t believe me? – I have linked to examples of voter fraud stories below. It’s obvious to me that the Liberal Media doesn’t care about voter fraud if it helps their side. They are an absolute disgrace and by their lies and propaganda about Republican voter suppression and then silence when real voter fraud happens, they show they are willing to preside over the subversion and disintegration of our once great republic.

We need to start getting serious about voter fraud in this country before it’s too late and if Ms. Richardson is found guilty of voter fraud, she should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Let’s start by demanding that our lawmakers change the laws so that voters are required to show an ID when they show up at the polls. Don’t believe the left’s false argument that showing an ID puts an “undue burden” on minorities. C’mon! who is the left kidding? It’s hogwash! People routinely have to show their ID’s for everything from buying  six-packs to cashing checks to using their credit cards. Heck, you cannot get into an Obama fundraiser without a picture ID. Doesn’t that put an “undue burden” on the President’s minority supporters? The left’s argument against requiring voter ID’s should be mocked and ridiculed by every good person for the baloney that it is.

The investigation of Ms. Richardson has also revealed that she has been a poll worker for about 25 years. It makes one wonder if this is the first time she has voted more than once and what she has encouraged or allowed other voters to get away with at election time.

Lest I be accused of being racist, let me say this:

If you think I am unfairly picking on a little ol’ African-American lady you are mistaken on two counts. First, voter fraud should not be tolerated, period, no matter who commits it. And second, there are plenty of white people involved in voter fraud as you will see in the links below.


Watch the video HERE courtesy of YouTube and  local ABC News Affiliate WCPO.

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