Remember Benghazi – Beware of Twitter

“The very media, founded on communications and automata, especially television, can communicate illusion as well as reality, and that is all right as long as we know the difference.” –Dr. William O. Baker, patriot genius and former leader of Bell Labs, from his speech at Northwestern University, July 12, 1976.

It’s very hard to reach anyone at Twitter unless you tweet them, which I refuse to do. I wanted to voice a complaint directly to their management, but since I don’t tweet, I’ll voice my opinion here instead. My issue is with Twitter, Inc. itself. Too few people control platforms such as Twitter/Facebook and thus are able to “nudge” the masses in a direction that matches the values and world views of Twitter/Facebook’s leaders and their company cultures. Generically speaking this was not necessarily wrong when done transparently, but in this day and age of algorithms, supercomputers and social media, it is not at all transparent. Many people are being influenced and manipulated by online platforms without their knowledge. It is pretty scary. Why should I care what issues or stories Twitter/Facebook has chosen to label as “trending” conversations? I choose to leave myself out of that artificially created herd to hopefully think, explore and learn for myself.

Twitter, Inc. leans progressive-left. I know that means they don’t like conservatives and Republicans – people who favor more “traditional” values. That’s OK, because I don’t like their politics and social views. For instance, what is Twitter’s obsession with sexual orientation, especially the LGBT kinds? Why should I care if my auto mechanic or plumber or whoever is straight or gay? Judging from the content on Twitter’s website one might begin to think that being straight in this modern era is an oddity. But I digress…

My main point is that I know that Twitter suppresses tweets and conversations that go against their political views and promotes (trends) conversations that support their political and social views. They cannot suppress all of the things they don’t like because that would be too obvious and they don’t want to appear obvious in their bias. The latest evidence that Twitter does this: Kris Paronto’s tweet excoriating former President Obama for the Benghazi fiasco. Paronto offended Twitter with his comment. They shut him down.

Ambassador christopher stevens

Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered during a terrorist attack on the diplomatic outpost at Benghazi in 2012.

Paronto, a former U.S. Army Ranger and CIA security contractor, was actually in Benghazi when Americans came under attack there in 2012 on the anniversary of 9/11. The murders of four Americans there could probably have been prevented by the Obama administration. Ambassador Chris Stevens had requested more security; none was sent. Instead he was murdered and his body paraded around the streets. Two other Americans, security officers Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed by jihadi mortar fire. U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Specialist Sean Smith was also killed. There was a coverup. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton li*d about it. Ambassador Susan Rice l*ed about it. President Obama li*d about it. Kris Paronto was at Benghazi. He was an eye-witness. His observations and opinions carry weight. He is not a politician. He tweeted about it. Twitter’s censors deleted his tweet. Thus, Twitter provides cover for the Obama/Clinton derelicts responsible for the death of four Americans at Benghazi and their ongoing li*s to coverup the truth of that mess.

Susan Rice official photo

Susan Rice was the public face of the Obama administration’s campaign to deceive the American people from the truth behind the Benghazi attacks.

Benghazi was a fiasco that could have been avoided, except the Clintons didn’t like Ambassador Chris Stevens. There is gossip that he had crossed them. It may well be true. So Secretary Clinton assigned him to the most dangerous outpost in the world with minimal security. Professionals in the State Department knew it was a good possibility that Americans in Benghazi would come under attack. Hillary knew it too.

Read the National Review article about Benghazi here.

The coverup of what really happened in Washington and at Benghazi was criminal and was done simply to hide the truth, which was necessary for Obama to get re-elected in 2012. The coverup was also about protecting Hillary and her future ambitions. It was one of the ugliest examples of political blood sport in modern American history. Yet Twitter must censor Kris Paronto. The coverup continues.

Yes Twitter, yes Jack Dorsey, you are falling shy of living up to your stated values:
“We believe in free expression and think every voice has the power to impact the world.” – Twitter, Inc.

Blah, blah blah… more false advertising.

I have no doubt that Twitter/Facebook are part of the crowd that is in competition to take Trump down or at least prevent him from a second term. The people who control social media’s online platforms are not merely unbiased facilitators of communication. Instead they are using their dark genius as much as lies within their power to shape political and social conversations, which, in turn, will shape the future of our world. It’s very 1984.

Food for thought: Why does “progressive” San Francisco have such a homeless problem? Could it be that there is a correlation between progressive policies and a certain level human dysfunction? Which states tend to be generally in better fiscal health, ones controlled by Republicans or ones controlled by Democrats? Throw out the exceptions (if there are any) and you will see the correlation.
–An American

P.S. Predictably, some will dismiss my views about the Benghazi scandal as being some sort of wacky conspiracy theory. I say to them: read the Congressional Benghazi report. Look at the known facts of the case. If you are a Democrat or a liberal, be a grownup and make an honest assessment of that history. Regarding Twitter/Facebook’s shenanigans -there are so many examples of funny stuff going on behind the scenes at these online platforms it is impossible to conclude they are merely non-partisan facilitators of free speech. Only an ostrich would believe that.



Political Rage and the Hatred of Free Speech

By Frotho Canutus

I like some of the messages I see on bumper stickers, just not most of the ones that are mass produced with little substance behind them. That’s why I design my own. Unfortunately though, since Hillary Clinton lost the election she was supposed to win, my bumper stickers have become a liability. Apparently some liberals absolutely hate them. Telling the truth about Obama, Hillary and the Democrats has become increasingly dangerous in the United States since November 8th. Making points about politics and policies using facts is just simply intolerable in the minds of the losing Trump-haters.

Here is the first bumper sticker that attracted some miserable Democrat’s cup of joe.obamacare-bumper-sticker-coffe-copy1 I didn’t wash it off, and instead wore it as actual and symbolic proof of the left’s hatred for those who disagree with them. Sad.

Today, I went to the drive thru ATM at my bank. While waiting for the guy in front of me to finish his transaction I noticed a car driven by a man pull up behind me. Wondering how he would take my bumper stickers, I watched him. As he began to read them he at first shook his head, then he became more and more animated. I pulled up to the ATM as the vehicle in front of me pulled away. When I looked back again, the guy behind me was now going ape-shit. He was shaking his fists and flailing his arms wildly. He looked like he was shouting at my car at the top of his lungs. He was absolutely apoplectic. At this point I realized it would not be wise to stick around with my card in the ATM in case this maniac got out of his car and approached me, so I grabbed my card and left the scene before things escalated. You had to see the way this guy was behaving for yourself.

Here are some of the other bumper stickers that have brought out the most hateful reactions in people:


bumper-closeup-copyThe Trump voters have been accused over and over of being hateful people. In my experience it is the exact opposite.

I’ve decided therefore it’s time for the Hillary/Obama bumper stickers to come off. There’s no sense in attracting lunatics to take out their aggressions on me and my family. Besides, Hillary will not be running for President again in three years and Obama is a lame duck who will be gone in three weeks. Good riddance. Onward Trump!

For those of you reading this who don’t like my Obama/Hillary bumper stickers, please, tell me what is factually incorrect about them.


Merkel’s Madness:Berlin Terrorist on the Loose

It’s a good bet that Tunisian Anis Amri is the person who deliberately mowed down Christmas shoppers with a truck at Breitscheidplatz on Monday. It has been revealed that German authorities knew Amri had ties to radical Islamists and were alerted when he tried to purchase a gun. Amri was even detained by authorities at one point, but was released. The German people should be outraged that their own government is not protecting them. Chancellor Merkel’s open borders policy is a disaster for the European people.


Anis Amri: The face of evil.

Barack Obama’s refugee relocation will be a disaster for the American people. Trump must end it. But damage has already been done, terrorist are already here.

When the leader of a country does not do everything within their granted powers to protect his or her people they are failing to do the most important thing.

Amri shall be caught, but at great expense. He should have never been allowed into Germany in the first place. But when he was detained by German authorities after having been found with phony identity papers he should have been expelled from the country.

Politicians who do not control their borders are playing with fire. Often these politicians make a nice living and then retire with a nice pension. But the victims of their policies, both living and dead do not have it so good.



Hillary’s Soul Food Tour

By Mosby Sharp-tone

Every four years Democrats make the rounds to court African-American and other minority voters, which is fine. Hillary has been spotted lately in precincts with large minority populations doing just that. Blacks voters as a whole overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. But do the Democrats’ promises to Blacks and other minorities ever materialize? My sincere hope is that all voters reflect on the past eight years of the Obama administration and ask themselves two important questions: Am I better off now than I was before Obama took office? Obama says it is necessary to elect Hillary Clinton to continue his policies. Who will help or hurt my situation more, Clinton or Trump?

The first question is more easily answered than the second question. Since I am not a minority, I cannot answer for anyone who is, but on the first question there are statistics and the statistics that I think are the most telling are the ones gathered on poverty, employment and crime. These statistics contain strong evidence that minorities have suffered under President Obama and his policies.

For instance, in some urban areas (generally controlled by Democrats), violent crime is skyrocketing. According to WLS-TV in Chicago:

“The newest crime numbers from the Chicago Police Department are staggering.”

“Police said Tuesday there were 78 murders, 353 shootings and 427 shooting victims last month (October 2016). That means there have been 605 murders, 3,003 shootings and 3,633 shooting victims so far this year. In October 2015, 31 people were killed.”

Most of the victims are black men. The violent crime spike in Chicago has taken place on  Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s watch. Emmanuel is, of course, a Democrat and a man who has been closely associated with President Obama.

Again WLS-TV: “In August – the only month to record more homicide victims than October – more than 90 people were killed in Chicago, marking the highest number of murders in a single month in the city since August 1996, according to police records. Chicago has not seen more than 600 homicides in a year since 2003 and not more than 700 homicides since 1998, records show.”

Lets look at the labor participation rate for Whites, Blacks and Asians. These statistics are from the U. S. Bureau of Labor and are seasonally adjusted. In 2006 the number of White people over age 16 that were unemployed was 62.3 million. In 2015 that number had increased to 73.7 million, a jump of about 18%. The number of Black people over the age of 16 that were unemployed in 2006 was 9.7 million. In 2015 that number had increased to 12.2 million a jump of nearly 25%. For Asians over 16, those unemployed had jumped from 3.5 million in 2006 to 5.4 million in 2015, a whopping increase of about 54%.

According to statistics provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation the poverty rate in 2015 for Whites was 9%. For Hispanics the poverty rate in 2015 was 21% and for Blacks it was 24%. It doesn’t look like Obama’s policies have lifted up minorities very much despite the hope and change that was promised.

The fact is that President Obama’s bad economic policies have hurt Blacks and other minorities far more than Whites. If Blacks and other minorities like what Obama’s policies have done for them, then I guess they’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton.


Author’s note to the reader:

I hope the reader will forgive me for this imperfectly written blog post. I could spend days trying to improve it, but by then the election will be over and so I offer it up as is. Some will say I have cherry-picked data. For those who are doubtful of my conclusion that Democrat policies have been bad for minorities, I encourage them to do their own research and back up it up with real data, not just opinion. And putting racial divisions aside for a moment, I encourage people to find out how many Americans are on food stamps now and if that is a measure of success for the Obama administration. When it comes right down to it we are all Americans. The liberal/progressive economic policies of Obama have hurt us all. According table #24 of the Census Bureau, the overall poverty rate for all Americans during Bill Clinton’s presidency (1994-2001) was 12.86%. During the Bush years (2002-2009) the poverty rate for all Americans was only slightly better at 12.77%, but under President Obama on average 14.67% of all Americans have lived in poverty from 2010-2015. No wonder many Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction – they are the ones who are paying attention and are not falling for the spin coming from the Democrat Party and the Obama Administration.

Watch Out! The Democrats have your back.

If President Obama or any other liberal Democrat at the national level promises you that they have “got your back” you better watch out. The part they left out was, that if it suits them politically, they will stab you in the back with a knife.

I have two very good examples to prove that what I say is worth heeding.

One: The coal miners in West Virginia and other places who faithfully vote Democrat, yet who are now in the unemployment line because of Obama’s extremely radical environmental policies. I remember the Democrat lady running against Mitch McConnell for the U. S. Senate in Kentucky. To get their votes she told the coal miners she would protect their jobs, while at the same time she indicated to the party bosses and the radical environmentalists that she really had no intention of doing so. She needed to say it to get their votes. In other words, she admitted that she had to lie to the coal miners to advance her political career. Hey, I’m no Mitch McConnell fan, but I am glad she lost. Most of us don’t tolerate liars in our personal lives, why should we tolerate them in politics.

Two: Israel. Obama publicly stated that he had Israel’s back. Nothing is further from the truth. He clearly does not like the leader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu and has shown a severe weakness in dealing with Israel’s sworn enemies, the mullahs of Iran. Obama is the laughing stock of Iran’s leadership. He has given Iran’s terrorists everything they wanted, for nothing in return. They are more belligerent towards the U. S. than ever. They recently captured a dozen or so of our sailors and publicly humiliated them in order to humiliate Obama and the U. S. Pretty soon they will have a nuclear weapon thanks to the help of the Obama administration. It will be a world game changer. But don’t worry people of Israel – Obama has got your back. He said so.

I’ll throw in one more for good measure. Blacks overwhelmingly voted for Obama twice. The campaign messaging from Team Obama was clear – “I’m a black candidate, therefore if you are black it is in your best interests to vote for me, just cuz I’m kinda like you.” Some of these voters proudly admitted they voted for him simply because he was black like them. It’s a really dumb way to decide who to vote for. Same mentality that says – “I’m a woman, therefore I must vote for Hillary.” Well, look at how Black Americans have faired under Obama’s leadership. Generally speaking it has gotten a lot worse for them. Just look at the unemployment statistics for Black Americans. Look at the spike in violent crimes and black homicides on Obama’s watch, most of it Black on Black crime. But Black people shouldn’t be concerned – I’m sure Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, Hillary and the other Democrats have their back.

The Democrat party’s policies have lately harmed many and helped few.


Do Belgians Believe Obama?

After returning from a tour of Latin America nightlife complete with Cuban cigars and tango babes, Obama has taken to the airwaves to reassure Belgians that he “has their back.” I would love to hear from any western Europeans, especially French and Belgians who would like to respond to President Obama. Our President continues to believe that he can solve problems with speeches. Some people are comforted by his foolish rhetoric, but unfortunately reality is not optional. It always has a funny way of catching up with you.

Also, Obama seems to think that open borders are good for the Democrat party and therefore the United States. I would like some Europeans to speak to this topic. Should the U. S. government control who comes through our borders or not?


What can I say?

After several days, President Obama finally gave in to pressure from the American people and ordered the flag to be flown at half staff in order to honor the four (now five) American servicemen gunned down last week in Tennessee by a suicidal man with the name Mohammed. Wow ! What took you so long Mr. President? As people were puzzling over the President’s flag inaction, it was announced that Cuba’s flag of communism and repression would be raised at the State Department to recognize the re-opening Cuban embassy in Washington. President Obama announced in December 2014 that he is setting a “new course” with Cuba. President Obama’s priorities have many of us scratching our heads, which we are told, indicates our racism.

As the President and his team publicly spin the supposed benefits of their nuclear weapons deal with Iran (a deal that will increase that terrorist state’s position as a regional and world power), the state run media in Iran airs videos with messages stating “We Will Trample Upon America” and “We Defeat the United States.” President Obama, displaying confidence in his negotiations with our enemy has warned Congress not to mess with the deal even though the U.S. Constitution states the President can only conclude treaties with foreign nations with the approval of two thirds of the members of the Senate. The arrogance and foolishness of this man is very unsettling. The ignorance of the American people regarding their own Constitution and the moral weakness shown by members of Congress is even worse.


Hundreds of thousands of Iranians marched in 2013 in Tehran and other cities chanting “Death to America” as Iran marked the 34th anniversary of the Islamic revolution. (AFP)

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians marched in 2013 in Tehran and other cities chanting “Death to America” as Iran marked the 34th anniversary of the Islamic revolution. (AFP)

The Obama Problem

President Obama signs the mis-named Affordable Care Act in 2010. Many of these happy Democrats may not be so happy after the upcoming election.

President Obama signs the mis-named Affordable Care Act in 2010. Many of these happy Democrats may not be so happy after the upcoming election.

President Obama recently explained that although he is not on the ballot in November, the election will be a referendum on his policies. This thought made many Democrats on the campaign trail cringe. They know that Obama’s popularity with the American people is near an all-time low and they are trying their best not to associate with him (unless it is at a closed door fundraiser, of course). Several days ago, Alison Grimes, a Kentucky Democrat running for the Senate, repeatedly refused to admit that she had voted for Barack Obama. How entertaining was that?

But in many ways Obama was right; this election will be about him, about his policies, about the direction this country is heading. Why is America in decline? As long as the Progressive Left, which controls the modern Democrat party, stays in power, the country will continue to decline. The Progressive Left’s ideology is severely flawed and therefore can never succeed. Any world view that denies human nature, that denies the limits of government, that denies the laws of economics can never govern effectively. The Democrats in and out of Congress that have supported Barack Obama and his policies will hopefully get what they deserve come Election Day.

If Obama really believes the upcoming election will be a referendum on his policies, will he change course if his party gets another shellacking like it did in 2010? What a silly question! Arrogance knows no self-reflection, it merely blames others for its failures. Just ask President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper.

Frotho Canutus

“A rough style with truth is preferable to eloquence without it.” –Cadwallader Colden

Wanted: Democrats who believe that the America which was passed down to them is worth preserving.

Signing of the U.S. Constitution

Signing of the U.S. Constitution

The Saul Alinsky* radicals are  now in charge of our federal government. Barack Obama, Eric Holder and the other Jacobins who do not like the America they inherited are in the process of tearing it down and remaking it into something closer to their radical world view.

Of course, all American institutions are imperfect (for nothing created by man is perfect), but that does not give any administration license to turn its back on our traditions and our Constitution. It does not give President Obama and Eric Holder license to flout and ignore our country’s laws. It does not give them permission to break the law. But the Obama administration has done all of these things. The actions of this President and his team are causing many Americans to lose faith in their government. The Obama legacy will lead to a lower standard of living, or worse, for succeeding generations of Americans.

For years the Obama administration has been sending signals south of the border that illegal aliens are welcome here. This encourages illegal immigration. In other words, by his actions, by his words, President Obama encourages illegal activity. We shouldn’t be surprised then that we now have tens of thousands of illegal aliens many of them children unaccompanied by their parents streaming over our southern borders into states like Texas and Arizona – link to story here. Now we are expected to feed, house and provide medical treatment and legal services for these people. Obama has invited these people to come here on the taxpayer’s dime. The taxpayers being you, and me. Why should Obama get to decide that every hard-working American must chip in some of their earnings to support these immigrants that have crossed into our country illegally? He and many Democrats like this arrangement because it allows them to bring groups of people to this country, at taxpayers’ expense, who are more likely, if they gain citizenship, to join the Democrat party. If citizenship is not granted to this immigrant generation, Democrats still know the likelihood is that their American-born children are more apt to identify with Democrats. It will help give them power in numbers and they obviously don’t seem to mind encouraging lawlessness to achieve this goal. There can be no other explanation why the Democrat leadership continually coddles illegal aliens despite the fact that they constantly distract the American public with their deceptive rationalizations.

Why does the Obama Administration think it is ok to release tens of thousands of incarcerated illegal alien criminals back into American society? (It has done so recently – click here for link to story). It doesn’t have to be so, but only if enough good, informed Americans come to their senses and begin to stand up against the present out of control Administration. That’s a big if.

What the so-called progressives in the Democrat party seem unwilling to acknowledge is that free people, governed by the rule of law is a rare thing in the history of mankind and that it is a great thing that should be revered, treasured and protected. Of course, one such rare example is our very own constitutional republic, which, with the ascendance of Barack Obama has come under vigorous attack from the Left. This is tragic because the American legacy of rule of law, economic freedom and consent of the governed has afforded previous generations so many inestimable blessings yet is now being replaced with the rule of executive and bureaucratic whim, economic servitude, the redistribution of wealth, and a diminution of the representative branch of government. Under Obama, momentum has been in favor of executive orders, bureaucratic bullying and court decisions by unelected judges that are contrary to the perpetuation of justice and liberty for all. Under Obama, the American ideals of liberty and individual rights are subservient to the idea that a benevolent central government must confer new rights on people based on their association with certain racial, ethnic or social groups who claim victimhood status. The redistribution of wealth, the reordering of the health care system, the emasculation of our national defenses and the pillaging of our national treasury is justified by so-called “progressives” using catchy but nebulous language like “social justice” and  “sustainability.”

Here’s a link to an opinion piece by Michael Goodwin in the New York Post that is worth our attention. The most important point Mr. Goodwin makes regarding all of the destructive chaos caused by the Obama administration is that the country will continue to disintegrate because Democrats in media, in Congress, in small town America are not willing to challenge this President. Until most Democrats really begin to realize what a monster they have created the country will continue disintegrate into something very regrettable.


*Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals, is a favorite of people on the Left like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Hillary wrote her college senior thesis on Alinsky and no doubt community organizer Barack Obama followed in the footsteps of Alinsky who is the acknowledged Father of Leftist Community Organizing. It’s notable that Alinsky paid tribute in his bible for radicals to Lucifer, better known as Satan or the Devil.

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very
first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to
know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which),
the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and
did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”
—SAUL ALINSKY, Rules for Radicals

An Open Letter to Rand Paul

Many of the sentiments expressed in this letter are really intended for almost every member of Congress. Unfortunately, there seems like little hope for most of them to do what is in the best interests of our country as a whole.

Dear Senator Paul:

In February of 2013 I wrote to you and said this regarding the confirmation of Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense:

“He clearly is unqualified and you were wrong to give your consent. I pray to God this man’s appointment does not lead to needless bloodshed or an avoidable sacrifice of American lives.

Now we know Chuck Hagel rubberstamped President Obama’s decision to exchange five dedicated Taliban jihadists for one American army deserter (and the Obama administration is now trying to deflect some of the blame to Mr. Hagel). I fear this foolish prisoner exchange will encourage the jihadists to target Americans for the purpose of ransom. In fact, I have no doubt the orders have already gone out to do so.

Would any appointee chosen by Obama for that position have rubberstamped his decision to release these five Taliban killers? Probably. But you and I knew from his performance at the confirmation hearings that Chuck Hagel was not up to the job of defending American security. You made a stupid political calculation. Some things are worth a fight and you refused to do it. (I don’t think a man of John Bolton’s character would have rubberstamped anything George W. Bush desired).

Dear Senator Paul, I still think you are one of the good guys left in Congress, but I am losing faith in you. Stop running for President, stop with the political calculations and do only what you can now to save our country from the madness of this Administration.


Frotho Canutus