Whiney DNC Democrats Crack Open One Eye

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that some DNC Chair hopefuls are whining about President Obama and how he has left his party in a weakened state after eight years of rule. While that is probably true, what is far worse is that this President has left the entire United States in a weakened state, economically, diplomatically, militarily and racially. But as long as Democrats continue to put party over country, they will continue lose influence.

I do not expect the far-left can muster the self-control to flip these two priorities. Leopards do not change their spots. They still believe that deception, propaganda, and spin are the surest tickets to power. Their actions say so.

Remember, this is the party that asks coal miners for their votes as it winks at the radical environmentalists who want to ban the use of coal for energy. Did they not think the coal miners were smart enough to eventually figure out what was really going on? Since we are not supposed to burn coal anymore, may I suggest another use for it? Dialing Santa now.


Summer freeze continues to halt climate expedition in Antarctic

Yesterday we reported that climate scientist and explorer Chris Turney and his crew were stranded in the Antarctic after their ship was completely closed in by the sea ice. Turney explained from his stranded vessel that, “We have come south… [to] see just how much change has happened in 100 years and broadcast that live to the public back home.” I am assuming he was talking about the weather, not the climate.

Good news! Professor Turney reported that somehow Santa was able to locate the stranded crew and paid them a much welcome visit on Christmas. Also, the Chinese ice breaker Snow Dragon has been spotted by Turney’s crew and they expect to be rescued in short order.