Kuwait Has Its Own “Muslim Ban” Too! Where are the protestors?

Kuwaitis might need us to lend them some of our professional protestors.

Donald Trump’s immigrant ban from countries that harbor extremists is nothing new to the Arab rulers of Kuwait.

According to the Arab news outlet Al Alaraby,

“Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, Pakistanis and Afghans have not been able to obtain visit, tourism or trade visas to Kuwait since 2011…

“Passport holders from the countries are not allowed to enter the Gulf state while the blanket ban is in place, and have been told not to apply to visas.

“Kuwaiti sources originally told local media that the restrictions were in place due to the “instability” in the five countries and that the ban would be lifted once the security situation improves.

“Kuwait is concerned about the threat of extremist groups such as al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group, and both militant organizations have offshoots in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Kuwait’s attempt to protect its citizens from terrorism and maintain stability seems like a rational approach to what has been happening in places like Iraq and Syria.

Donald Trump’s temporary ban seems equally rational. Why all the hissy fits? The jihadists are trying to get into the U.S. to massacre Americans. So why all these diversions from the reality of the need to prevent terror attacks in the US?

Al Alaraby also reports in the same story that after an attack that killed 27 in Kuwait City in 2015,


Horrific aftermath of the suicide bombing of a Shia Mosque in Kuwait in 2015. Is Trump’s temporary immigration and refugee ban really the wrong thing to do?

“Kuwait responded by arresting dozens of suspected IS sympathisers and rolling out a mandatary DNA testing programme and database for the Gulf state’s four million population.”

Oh no, a registry!

Can’t we please ship our professional protestors to Kuwait? Judge Robart ? I’d like that.

Note: Of course, neither Kuwait’s ban nor Trump’s ban is a “Muslim Ban,” as it has been portrayed. But by lying about the intent of Trump’s ban the Democrats see a political opportunity. Unfortunately it may lead to future casualties on American soil.


Source: https://www.alaraby.co.uk/english/news/2017/2/1/kuwait-issues-trump-like-visa-bans-for-five-muslim-majority-countries






Three Cheers for Italy! Grazie!

Three cheers for Italian police officers Luca Scatà and Cristian Movio! They stopped the killer of Breitscheidplatz, Berlin early this morning in Milan, Italy. When the officers


The Breitscheidplatz killer lies dead in the street in Milan, Italy after a shootout with police. Photo: REUTERS/Stringer

asked the suspect for his papers at a checkpoint, the beast pulled out a .22 handgun and began firing on the officers. Officer Movio was hit in the shoulder, but his wound is not life threatening. It wasn’t long before the terrorist was shot dead by one of the officers.

These two officers showed remarkable courage and skill. Everyone should be grateful that officers Movio and Scatà prevented this monstrous beast from killing again.

Let’s discuss:

The citizens of the West must begin holding their leaders accountable for allowing jihadists to roam free among them and for inviting them into their countries in the first place. This particular terrorist could have been deported from Germany for a number of previous incidents. Why let a convicted alien arsonist loose into Germany society? Crazy right? But that’s what German authorities did. This guy had a rap sheet that made it clear he was a threat to German society, yet German authorities let him roam at will without deporting him. German leader Angela Merkel has recently opened the borders up and let something like 900,000 Muslim “refugees” into her country. The terrorist killed this morning in Italy was one of the “refugees” that came to Europe in 2011 during the so-called “Arab Spring.” Is suicide the official policy of Angela Merkel and Germany? Hopefully the European people will be wise enough to shut down this madness. The Germans should probably send Merkel into retirement next year when she is up for reelection. Of course, there needs to be a better alternative running against her.

Politicians like Angela Merkel and Barack Obama who do not control their borders are playing with fire. Often these politicians have bodyguards, make a nice living and then retire with their bodyguards and a nice pension. But the victims of their policies, at places like San Bernardino, Breitscheidplatz and Ohio State University do not have it so good.

Lucius Cincinnatus

Question: Once the man-hunt was on for the killer of Breitscheidplatz, how did he slip from Germany into France and then from France into Italy?

We Welcome Muslim “Refugees” – Then Watch as Some of Them Try to Kill Us.


The prayerful Abdul Razak Ali Artan shown mere months before his rampage against innocent civilians at Ohio State University.

Yesterday, Somali-born terrorist named Abdul Razak Ali Artan tried to kill as many innocent civilian people at Ohio State University as possible with a car and a knife. Thankfully, he was quickly disposed of by a young law enforcement officer with a gun. Eleven people were injured, no one has died except the attacker. We got off lucky yesterday compared to last July when a crazed Muslim radical used a truck to plow through a crowd in Nice, France. That fanatic killed 86 people and injured 434 others.

How is Homeland Security’s “vetting” of immigrant refugees from predominantly Muslim countries working out? Apparently not very well. But we are told by Obama and the Democrats not to worry. Besides, to question President Obama’s open arms immigration policy reveals a person’s deep seated bigotry and racism.

“Law enforcement officials told NBC News that Artan was a Somali refugee who left his homeland with his family in 2007, lived in Pakistan and then came to the United States in 2014 as a legal permanent resident.

“He lived briefly in a temporary shelter in Dallas before settling in Ohio, according to records maintained by Catholic Charities.” (Source: NBC News @ http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/suspect-dead-after-ohio-state-university-car-knife-attack-n689076

Trump’s victory will not end this. Radicalized Muslim terrorists are already in the U.S. and with their internet connections more will be created. The open borders people have blood on their hands. It’s time for them to admit they were wrong and get out of the way so we can fix this before the United States is torn asunder.

Lucius Cincinnatus

N.B. Of course, all Muslims are not terrorists. Law-abiding American citizens of the Muslim faith are American citizens first and their constitutional and civil rights must be protected. But given world events it is not unreasonable to say that very few Muslim immigrants should be allowed into the United States at this time. In fact, it is rational to say it. And if America is as bigoted and hateful as Democrats say it is, wouldn’t these refugees prefer living in another Muslim country  rather than here? This is an important question that may perplex some liberals who contemplate it.

“Religion of Peace” Strikes Again

Earlier this month Islamic State terrorists stormed an old folks home in Yemen run by Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity where they murdered at least sixteen people including four nuns and kidnapped Father Tom Uzhunnalil, a native of India. Now it is reported, as has been anticipated due to threats from ISIS, that Father Tom Uzhunnalil was nailed to a cross and crucified to death by the terrorists on Good Friday.

Yet some people continue to believe the propaganda pushed forth by President Obama and others that Islam is a “Religion of Peace.”

Reality is not optional and will always catch up with us. For people who are still vulnerable to the false claim that Islam is a religion of Peace, I suggest they read the February 2016 issue of Imprimis published by Hillsdale. In it, Andrew C. McCarthy explains that the interpretation of Islam that says “strike and kill non-believers” is a mainstream interpretation of Islam. McCarthy was the lead prosecutor that convicted the Blind Sheikh who was the mastermind behind the first World Trade Center attack that killed six  innocent people and injured more than one thousand in 1993.* McCarthy explains “the inconvenient fact” that the Blind Sheikh “was not lying about Islam.”

“When he said the scriptures command that Muslim’s strike terror into the hearts of Islam’s enemies, the scriptures backed him up.

“When he said Allah enjoined all Muslims to wage jihad until Islamic law was established throughout the world, the scriptures backed him up.”

McCarthy explains that the Blind Sheikh, “Far from being a lunatic, however, he turned out to be a globally renowned scholar- a doctor of Islamic jurisprudence who graduated from al-Azhar University in Cairo, the seat of Sunni Islamic learning for over a millennium. His area of expertise was sharia – Islamic law.”

“The blunt fact of the matter is that, in this contest of competing interpretations, it is the jihadists who seem to be making sense because they have the words of scripture on their side. – it is the others who seem to be dancing on the head of a pin.”


Destruction from the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 that killed 6 and injured more than 1,000 people. Department of Justice photo.

Mr. McCarthy dispels the foolish notion that Islam can be characterized as a “religion of Peace.” It may be that to some Muslims, but many of their Muslim brethren beg to disagree. Get a copy of Imprimis and read McCarthy’s piece.

Let me conclude by saying, not all Muslims hate non-Muslims, not all Muslims want to kill non-Muslims. There are peaceful Muslims. Most of the Muslims who have been in the United States for a long period of time are peaceful and their rights need to be respected.

However, there is a problem within the religion of Islam itself. That is why there is no talk of a need to do terror surveillance on Lutheran or Baptist churches, or Buddist temples, or Jewish Synagogues in the United States. The longer we pretend to believe that Islam is only a religion of peace as some say, the more we will see the murder of innocent, peace loving non-Muslims as well as many peaceful Muslims.

Furthermore, talk of a moratorium, or a severe limitation on immigration to the United States from predominantly Muslim countries is not an irrational response to what is happening in the world. Think Paris. Think Brussels. Think 9/11.


*The first World Trade Center bombing was intended to topple the North Tower and crash it into the South Tower. Had the terrorist succeeded, they would have killed tens of thousands of innocent people on American soil. Because we as a country did not take the threat from Islamic terrorists seriously, we lost an additional 2,996 innocent people on September 11, 2001. The “head in the sand” mentality allows some to convince themselves that Islam is merely a “religion of peace” can be very deadly indeed.





This beautiful, young American, Nohemi Gonzalez, was murdered in cold blood on November 13th in Paris by ISIS terrorists.

This beautiful, young American, Nohemi Gonzalez, was murdered in cold blood on November 13th in Paris by ISIS terrorists.

On Thursday, November 12th, President Obama told ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos that ISIS is “contained.” The very next day, in Paris, France heavily armed ISIS terrorists went on a rampage and killed at least 129 innocent people and wounded about 350 others. 99 of those wounded are in critical condition. Once again, President Obama has been caught trying to deceive not just the American people, but the entire world. Remember, it was this foolish man, the man who has been entrusted with more power than anyone to combat world terrorism, who in 2014 referred to ISIS as “J.V.” or Junior Varsity.* It is true to say that the Obama Administration’s effort to deflect from its failure to protect American lives in Benghazi, was done simply to avoid losing an election.

This incompetent leader spends so much time covering up his failures. The result of his deception is that too many unthinking Americans and Obama supporters have been lulled into a false sense of security. This can only happen in a society where a large part of the media is corrupted and complicit in the deception. Propaganda is used by the likes of MSNBC, CNN, Politico, Huffington Post, Media Matters, Thinkprogress.org, The New York Times and other “news” outlets to conceal the truth about the state of our nation.

President Obama is now welcoming Syrian refugees into the United States. And with all that is going on in the world he refuses to seal America’s borders. How is this a good thing? Wake up people, before it’s too late.

Although Barack Obama’s last day as President won’t come soon enough, it won’t really matter unless we elect a more competent, and honest person to be our next President. That certainly excludes, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

*When professional propagandist and White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest tried to deceive people about President Obama’s foolish Junior Varsity comment he was given FOUR PINNOCHIOS by Tampa Bay Times’ Politifact. Since the Tampa Bay Times could not bring themselves to assign President Obama four Pinnochios, even though he made the same false statement as Josh Earnest, I will step in here and award President Obama his well deserved prize:


(Who was Junius?)

Hats off to the Washington Post which did see fit to award President Obama with four Pinnochios for trying to mislead people about what he had previously said about ISIS. It brings a glimmer of hope that there may still be some in the news business with integrity even at liberal-leaning Washington Post.

What can I say?

After several days, President Obama finally gave in to pressure from the American people and ordered the flag to be flown at half staff in order to honor the four (now five) American servicemen gunned down last week in Tennessee by a suicidal man with the name Mohammed. Wow ! What took you so long Mr. President? As people were puzzling over the President’s flag inaction, it was announced that Cuba’s flag of communism and repression would be raised at the State Department to recognize the re-opening Cuban embassy in Washington. President Obama announced in December 2014 that he is setting a “new course” with Cuba. President Obama’s priorities have many of us scratching our heads, which we are told, indicates our racism.

As the President and his team publicly spin the supposed benefits of their nuclear weapons deal with Iran (a deal that will increase that terrorist state’s position as a regional and world power), the state run media in Iran airs videos with messages stating “We Will Trample Upon America” and “We Defeat the United States.” President Obama, displaying confidence in his negotiations with our enemy has warned Congress not to mess with the deal even though the U.S. Constitution states the President can only conclude treaties with foreign nations with the approval of two thirds of the members of the Senate. The arrogance and foolishness of this man is very unsettling. The ignorance of the American people regarding their own Constitution and the moral weakness shown by members of Congress is even worse.


Hundreds of thousands of Iranians marched in 2013 in Tehran and other cities chanting “Death to America” as Iran marked the 34th anniversary of the Islamic revolution. (AFP)

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians marched in 2013 in Tehran and other cities chanting “Death to America” as Iran marked the 34th anniversary of the Islamic revolution. (AFP)

The Boston Massacre Exploited

Certain people who pretend to be thoughtful journalists actually get paid to be provocative, controversial, hit-men. One such “journalist” recently published a ridiculous opinion piece at Salon.com entitled:

“Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American” 

It’s only two days since the bombing occurred and while many victims are still enduring great suffering and while the country is anxiously waiting on pins and needles for the Boston murderer(s) to be caught and brought to justice, this so-called journalist is using the Boston Bombing to do a hit job on the motives and character of Republicans. He wants to convince people that (somehow his version of) Republicans’ reactions to the Boston Bombing adds credence (to the lie) that most Republicans are racists and bigots.

Imagine the outcry we would here from the media outlets including Salon if a writer for a conservative publication wrote a story with the title “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon Bomber is a Muslim.” That person’s career would likely be over for saying such an irresponsible, terrible thing. But if you are a Democrat, or a liberal, or a progressive, you can say just about anything you want to about your political opponents and no matter how outrageous, you will probably get away with it. In fact, you will be cheered and congratulated for it.

Such tactics are slimy and disgusting and are being offered in order to tear down political opponents at the expense of the victims of the Boston bombing. Where’s the decency?

Frotho Canutus


Many Americans who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 with the hope that he would patch things up around the world and usher in a new era of peace may be pleased with his performance so far. But pulling our troops out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014 as the President has promised will not be the end of it. The Obama administration has been misleading the American people about the resurgence of al Qaeda in Afghanistan and is downplaying the threat of Islamic fanaticism to our national security. Some may think this is simply right-wing propaganda. They would do well to listen to Lara Logan, the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News. Logan has been covering the war in Afghanistan as an investigative journalist since the war began in 2001, some of it behind enemy lines and so she is probably worth listening to.

Ms. Logan recently put together a disturbing story that ran on 60 Minutes about the resurgence of al Qaeda and their Taliban allies. Not long after, she gave a speech in Chicago to the Better Government Association to explain why.

“I knew that we were being lied to and I knew that the American people were being misled.”

“…officials in the administration love to tell us today that there are only fifty al Qaeda left in Afghanistan. And the impression that we’re given is that they are one drone strike away from obliteration. And that’s just simply not true. They know it’s not true.”

Why would the Obama administration mislead us about the state of al Qaeda and the threat still posed by Islamic terrorism? My guess: electoral politics. Logan hinted at this when she explained the resistance she experienced during her investigation.

“…we kept hearing the same thing time and time again is that you know there is no political reason for anybody to be talking to you about this right now because if we talk about al Qaeda in Afghanistan doesn’t that undermine the argument for leaving?”

Team Obama keeps leading us to believe that al Qaeda is on its knees and near extinction. They obviously feel the need to convince enough voters of this in order for the President to get reelected to a second term. But the killing of Bin Laden does not translate into victory over al Qaeda as this administration would have us believe. Ms. Logan made herself very clear when she said, “there’s a major lie being propagated about the real situation.”

Why is this so important? It’s because of the life and death nature of the problem and the consequences for the future of our country.

“To think there is any similarity between this and Viet Nam is ridiculous. The Viet Cong didn’t care what you did when you went back to America. The Viet Cong weren’t fighting for an Islamic caliphate….this is terrorism – it’s a completely and utterly different fight from anything we have faced in our history and that’s why we chose to do this story.”

Logan warned of the danger of not facing up to the reality of who our enemies are and what they want.

“Our way of life is under attack and if you think that’s government propaganda, if you think that’s nonsense, if you think that’s warmongering, you’re not listening to what the people who are fighting you say about this fight. In your arrogance, you think you write the script, but you don’t. There’s two sides and we don’t dictate the terms. In fact after eleven years of war in Afghanistan, where we’re surrendering, where we’re rushing for the exits as fast as we can, not only do we not dictate the terms, but we have less power to dictate anything on the world stage.”

Obama’s policies, the policies of the left have made us weaker. Their willingness to perpetuate a false sense of security for political calculation needlessly makes us more vulnerable. This choice has caused us to let our guard down. Proof of this may be found in the recent murder of Chris Stevens, our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. We now know despite the Obama administration’s initial explanation that in reality the act was a pre-planned, well-armed terrorist attack on our embassy on the anniversary of 9/11. The Obama administration was simply caught with its hands down. Logan made the point that

“For me, if you fail to identify the ideological component to this fight, if you fail to identify what your enemy is really fighting for, if you lie about who they really are, I don’t see how you can possibly have the right strategy.”

So Lara Logan decided to speak out, not as a journalist, but as a patriotic American sounding the warning bells against an enemy that is often forgotten, but still determined, still waiting to strike. She made it clear that in her opinion the Obama administration has not been forthcoming with the American people about the danger that Islamic terrorism still poses to our national security. Back in 2008 did President Obama think he could solve our problems with the Muslim world by extending a false hand of friendship to our enemies and by making an apology tour? – All signs of weakness. Why yes, he did and so did some others. But if you listen to Lara Logan, a courageous reporter who knows her subject well, the enemy that killed nearly 3000 Americans on 9/11 has not been defeated. They are very patient and they will not easily surrender.

Logan summed it up well when she warned of the consequences of the current policy to withdraw from the war on terror,

What we wanted to do was to leave people with a sense of something… something that I honestly believe will come back to haunt us as it did before. It’s almost like ground hog day in Afghanistan. Just as Charlie Wilson’s War – Charlie Wilson said, if you turn your back on Afghanistan now you are going to pay a price. And we didn’t believe him. And then it was 9/11.”

Readers can hear Ms. Logan’s speech at http://media.wrko.com/a/64591441/lara-logan-cbs-news-reporter-gives-a-bone-chilling-speech-about-al-qaeda.htm