Trump-haters spreadin’ their LOVE

“To build may have to be the slow and laborious task of years. To destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day.” –Winston Churchill

By Lucius Cincinnatus

I don’t remember this kind of violence from the Tea Party. That’s because there wasn’t any.


Trump-hater setting a fire in Oakland.

I don’t remember “Impeach Obama” rallies in 2008 before President-elect Obama took office. That’s because there weren’t any.


Recent “K*ll Trump” graffiti in Oakland

Liberal sore losers and the goons they are unleashing on society are deplorable. The protesters want us to believe that Donald Trump will destroy America, while they are actually in the streets destroying America.


Anti-Trump protesters spreading their brand of love in Baltimore.

Look who joined the anti-Trump protesters in Baltimore. It’s the Peoples Power Assembly!  On their webpage, the PPA states that, “The U.S. imperialist ruling class wants to maintain the status quo — that is what the government is there for.”


Trump-hater dancing in the streets of Oakland.

When will moderate Democrats in this country realize that there are forces working within their own party that want to bring down the USA? It is so clear to see. No doubt some of the love and financial support for this movement is coming from our foreign adversaries in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Their goal is to divide and weaken America.


The future of America wearing her “F*ck Trump” shirt.

None of these protests would be thinkable without the constant barrage of lies and misinformation being spread by propagandists in the media, and the grip the left-wing has on the education of our children.

Look at the video of this poor woman who was assaulted while trying to make her way through a crowd of anti-Trump, anti-everything protesters.






When Donald Trump Wins…

By Frotho Canutus

When Donald Trump wins the Presidency next Tuesday, do not expect a peaceful transition of power. There will be incitements by Trump-haters to do violence in the aftermath of his victory.  There will be unrest in the streets. Hillary’s cheerleaders in the mainstream media will come unhinged. There will be lawsuits filed by Camp Hillary challenging the election results. (Of course, Democrats will support Hillary’s right to contest the election. Yet it was these same hypocrites who claimed Donald Trump was wrong to take a wait and see approach regarding the election results.) How do I predict such things? Do I have a magic, crystal ball? No, my prediction is based on what is already happening.


This photo shows damage caused by the firebombing of the Orange County Republican Party office in Hillsborough, North Carolina during the night of October 15th -16th, 2016. The Charlotte Division of the FBI and the Hillsborough police are seeking information from the public to help identify the person or persons responsible for the arson and graffiti. As of November 2, 2016 no arrests have been made. Photo: Jonathan Drew, AP

Camp Hillary has already filed four lawsuits regarding the election. Clinton operatives have been caught on video revealing their schemes to cause trouble at Trump rallies including one seeking to provoke Trump supporters into throwing punches. One Democrat operative even revealed a strategy to maintain plausible deniability, so that the Clinton campaign can claim its innocence in these matters. Worse yet, there have been numerous instances of Trump supporters being physically assaulted by people we can safely assume are Hillary supporters.  And on the night of October 15th, a Republican Party office in North Carolina was firebombed and graffiti was sprayed nearby which read, “Nazi Republicans leave town or else.”

Here are links to some examples of the destruction of property and violence against Trump supporters: