Note to the Democrat Leadership: Stop Dividing Americans. It’s time to get the country back on track.

Many racist, white, chauvinistic, male, Tea Party types have joined in the vote to send Utah’s Mia Love to Congress. Tim Scott was re-elected to represent South Carolina in the Senate helped by votes from hundreds of thousands of southern white racists (probably closet members of the KKK). Susana Martinez was overwhelmingly reelected governor of New Mexico by anglo-chauvinists. Ben Carson, a world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon apparently has decided to run for President in 2016 as, yikes, a Republican. There must be some mistake. Well there is, but only if you live in an alternative universe where you are gullible enough to let yourself be manipulated by the lies of the Left.

Utah Republican Mia Love - now on her way to Congress.

Utah Republican Mia Love – now on her way to Congress.

The “War on Women,” Republicans-hate-minorities campaign waged by Democrats has been a phony distraction from serious problems like high Black unemployment, stagnant wages, an enormous increase in the federal debt on Obama’s watch, the Un-Affordable Care Act, and the failure of American diplomacy around the world, which has made the world a far more dangerous place than it was just six or seven years ago.

Tim Scott Republican Senator from So. Carolina

Tim Scott Republican Senator from So. Carolina

Democrat National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ strategy was to: lie about Republicans, use her Democrat friends in media to spread those lies, change the subject when the Obama Democrats’ policy disasters were exposed, lie again for good measure, act cocky. It didn’t work this time. Why? The results of the Obama Democrats’ governing policies are in and they don’t work. Eventually, real issues will trump phony ones.

Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico

Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico

If the new Republican-controlled Congress sticks to an agenda that focuses on lower taxes, fewer regulations, economic freedom, fiscal responsibility, the rule of law, national security, and international stability, then we can begin to turn this country around. A rising tide in America will lift all boats.

Ben Carson, likely Republican contender for President in 2016

Ben Carson, likely Republican contender for President in 2016

Sure, President Obama has a veto pen. Let him use it. Then we will see once again who the real obstructionists are. No keen observer expects the Prez to compromise much, although he will give speech after interview saying he is trying, but that the rascally Republican majority is just too extreme and unbending. So why won’t Barack Obama compromise for the good of the country? Answer: Even in defeat, arrogance knows no self-reflection; it merely blames others for its failures. If Democrats decide to stop dividing Americans along the lines of things like race, gender, religion, and sexual preference, it probably won’t be for the right reasons; it will be done because it’s a strategy that has relegated them to minority status in Congress and in many statehouses around the country. How ironic. Frotho Canutus

Update: The Democrats’ War on Women Continues

The Democrat Party’s War on Women Continues…

“It is one thing to gossip or complain about your boss, but quite another to watch her head get chopped off in the cold light of day. The lack of decorum was stunning.”   –David Carr, writer for The New York Times, May 18, 2014.          

So Jill Abramson, the executive editor of The New York Times has been fired. One of the reasons given is that she found out that she was not being paid the same as her male predecessor, Bill Keller, and so she asked for a raise. She got it, but she did have to take a stand and ask. Did she deserve the raise in pay? Maybe, maybe not. But apparently NYT boss Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger, Jr. thought he could find a better match for that high-powered position at the Times and so Ms. Abramson was handed a pink slip on Wednesday. While the Democrat party and their willing partners in the media are ginning up this campaign again to paint this picture that Republicans want to keep women down, look at how the Democrat propaganda wing, a.k.a. The New York Times actually treats women, like Jill Abramson. Add it to the long list of the hypocritical actions of the Democrat left, progressive machine. Remember socialist senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont was the biggest abuser of his female staff when it came to equal pay. Any women who fall prey to this phony narrative propagated by the Democrats and the left-wing media that conservatives and Republicans are at war with women are either not paying attention or need to have their heads checked. Are women so easily manipulated that they fall for this phony propaganda from the Left? The Democrats hope so because it helps them win elections. Cynical, manipulative politics indeed!


MSNBC’s Reign of Terror

Dr. Benjamin Rush, one of our great men, once wrote a friend:

“I agree with you in deriving our physical calamities from moral causes…. A bitter and unchristian spirit has likewise divided our citizens. We have not, it is true, erected a guillotine in our country, but we enjoy similar spectacles of cruelty in the destruction of public and private characters in our newspapers.” *

Things haven’t changed much, have they?

I’ve watched Maddow, Olberman, Matthews and others similar on MSNBC many, many times, so I don’t need anyone to tell me what to think about them. For those of you who have been told how horrible and racist Fox News is, but haven’t watched it for yourselves, you might want to take it upon yourselves to actually see if what you have been told is true. Give it at least two weeks. Fox News has excellent and fair reporting (not perfect). And they truly have nice, good and decent people working for them – they are not the rotten devils you have been told they are.

Some of you who watch MSNBC and other Liberal news outlets have been led to believe that most Republicans are racist. You have been lied to. Why? Because by demonizing their opponents, the left prevents people from listening to Republicans’ ideas, which may have merit. Another reason the left makes charges of racism is that it provokes in some people an immediate, prejudicial response, which requires no critical thinking. The trumped-up charges of racism and wars on women are nothing but propaganda meant to manipulate the feelings of certain groups. Independent, critical thinkers generally are not fooled by such propaganda. There is no Republican war on Gays, or Hispanics, or Women. These are all distractions meant to control these groups and maintain them as constituents in the Democrat party.

Why did MSNBC run the Rubio sipping water clip over 155 times? Answer: It’s part of a larger effort to neutralize an up and coming Hispanic conservative and make him look like a buffoon. It’s part of the left’s war on conservative minorities. That, is a real war. Many on the left show no respect for conservative minorities and heap nothing but disdain on them.

As far as our leaders go, we must not tolerate politicians who prefer to sow seeds of division, hatred and confusion, rather than discuss the difficult issues facing our country with well-reasoned and substantive arguments. The time they waste spewing their nonsense means less time spent offering solutions. Decent people do not try to manipulate others with false accusations of being homophobic, or racist or whatever.

Benjamin Rush’s observation about the media still applies today. Unfortunately, it appears we have learned nothing in the 220 years since he observed it. It’s time to stop once and for all the public name calling and character assassination that is so prevalent in our politics. We need to begin devoting only our intellects and all of our energies towards solving the dangerous problems that face our nation. That goes for Republicans too.

Our number one issue is economic, so lets start there. We need to revive the economy mainly through private, not public initiative. We must reduce government spending before the federal government becomes insolvent or destroys the value of our currency and our savings. We need fewer regulatory constraints on businesses. We must revise the tort system. If we do these things, there is no doubt in my mind that America will rise again. For that, I am sure, some will call me a racist.

For those of you who are not familiar with him, I would like to call your attention to that great man who was Benjamin Rush. Born in Philadelphia in 1746, Rush became a physician, patriot, author, educator, humanitarian and an early abolitionist. He was one among those brave men who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor when they signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. According to L. H. Butterfield, editor of Rush’s letters, “Rush’s fame sprang from his own vigorous and magnetic personality; from his substantial accomplishments in medicine, psychiatry, education, and social reform; from the great body of his published writings; from his gifts as a teacher and lecturer; and finally, from the letters he wrote to scores of friends, relatives, patients, pupils and colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic.”

“Long regarded by everyone except himself and perhaps a few other Philadelphians as the leading citizen of Philadelphia, the recipient of uncounted honors from his countrymen and from European courts and learned societies, Rush had achieved a reputation not surpassed by that of any other American physician for a century or more.”

Dear Reader: Please check back in the future for a page which I will wholly devote to Dr. Rush’s life and accomplishments.)


*Benjamin Rush to William Marshall, September 15, 1798. Letters of Benjamin Rush, Vol. II, p. 807