Corrupt Hillary – At it Again

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) at the State Department recently released a scathing report of Hillary Clinton’s handling of official emails while Secretary of State. I did not expect it. This Inspector General seems to have some integrity.

In typical Clinton fashion Hillary sent out one of her goons to attack and discredit the Inspector General’s office. Her spokesperson, Brian Fallon said on CNN that “there were hints of an anti-Clinton bias inside that office.” How the Inspector General, a Democrat appointee is part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” I will leave it to team Hillary to explain.

Hillary’s most recent response to all the negative publicity has been to say that she merely handled her emails the same way her predecessors at State, Colin Powell and Condi Rice did. This is a bold-faced lie. Neither Powell, nor Rice routed any of their official emails through a private server set up for that purpose at their place of residence. This lie shows Hillary’s contempt for the intelligence of the American people.

Well known Democrat pundit and former pollster for the Clintons, Doug Schoen just published a piece in the Wall Street Journal saying Hillary may lose her party’s nomination for President due to all of her problems. I would rather he say what needs to be said, especially by Democrats: Hillary should not be the Democrat nominee.

But maybe I should be careful what I wish for. Maybe it’s a good thing if corrupt Hillary is Donald Trump’s competition for the White House. She just might lose.

Disclosure: I have a bumper sticker that says “Fred Bastiat for President.”


P. S. I also have another bumper sticker – it shows a picture of Hillary alongside a quote from Aesop, the famous ancient author of fables. He said:

“We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.”

I hope this election proves that their are exceptions to Aesop’s observation.

Note: Inspector Generals are appointed for the purpose of having independent oversight to root out waste, fraud and the abuse of taxpayers by federal agencies. The fact that President Obama took 1,989 days to nominate an IG to the State Department is proof for sure: uncovering and preventing waste, fraud and abuse in government is not one of President Obama’s priorities. In my view this shows his contempt for hard working Americans who pay their taxes and fund the government.






Is Global Warming to blame for all this snow?

Every now and then I see a story in the media that some climate expert has speculated that the latest monster snow storms are being caused by man-made global warming. They go on to explain that it may seem counter intuitive, but that the global warming is causing more moisture to accumulate in some parts of the Earth’s atmosphere and that when the temperature is sufficiently cold this moisture is dumped in the form of snow.  That seems to make sense.

So, if I understand their argument correctly – even if our winters are warmer because of all the CO2 we are dumping into the atmosphere, we still might get plenty of snow. I get it.

Here’s the problem: It’s  just speculation. No one really knows for sure how a warmer Earth will distribute the Earth’s moisture. If there is someone out there who does know – please contact me.

Here is another problem: The recent snowfall (April 2013) in America’s heartland has been accompanied by record cold temperatures, not warmer ones. This fact flies in the face of the recent explanations we have heard. Now, weather in one region of our country does not prove anything regarding global climate trends. But I think it is still fair to point this out, because when a climate person speculates about what causes a massive super storm, he or she is only discussing a regional weather event as it pertains to global trends.

The Washington Post is reporting today (April 23, 2013) “Record-shattering April cold and snow stun Rockies, north central U.S.”

The Post article goes on to say that, “Amazingly, 91.9 percent of the Upper Midwest has snow on the ground as of today. Snow cover in the previous 10 years on this date hasn’t even come close to reaching this extent (ranging from 19 percent to much lower).”

Commenting on the temperatures the Post article continues,

“Through the Rockies and into the Upper Midwest, it’s not just been the snow but also the cold forcing residents to do a double take when gazing at the calendar.”

“Kelsch notes the mercury dipped to 20 this morning in Boulder, its third record low this month. Boulder’s average temperature this month (through yesterday) is just 41.4 making it one of the city’s coldest Aprils on record.”

“Today’s early afternoon temperatures were 20-40 degrees colder than normal through the Plains into Texas.”

So while we’ve heard a lot of speculation lately from climate experts who tell us that global warming may result in more snowfall, recent events in the Rockies and Upper Midwest prove that colder temperatures may also result in more snow.



Save Medicare: Impeach Obama!

Several times during this last election cycle and it’s aftermath I spotted a few older Americans driving around with bumper stickers that said “Save Medicare: Vote Democrat.” I seem to always have the same reaction when I see this. (No, I don’t shout out cuss words, toot my horn or anything else disrespectful like that). First, I shake my head a few times in disbelief, then I try to catch a glimpse of the naive person driving that bumper sticker around while wondering how it’s possible that some people can be so detached from reality.

It’s an indisputable fact that the Affordable Care Act, aka. ObamaCare, is shifting resources to the tune of $700 billion away from the Medicare program in order to help fund ObamaCare. So really, it is President Obama, and other Democrats, who have recently begun slowing the rate of growth of Medicare. One result of this is that fewer and fewer doctors are treating Medicare patients because the government reimbursements often do not cover the costs of the treatments.

Then there is the Obama Administration’s new budget proposal. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post wrote today that  “President Obama, has proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare as part of an attempt to find a middle ground in the budget debate.” What! Obama is proposing to cut Medicare and Social Security? Is this what the people I saw driving the “Save Medicare” bumper stickers around had in mind when they voted for Barack Obama and other Democrats?

In their report of April 5th (also in the Washington Post), Zachary A. Goldfarb and Karen Tumulty wrote that,

“White House officials said Friday that Obama’s budget would cut Medicare and Social Security and ask for less tax revenue than he has previously sought.”

“On Friday, liberals expressed outrage that a freshly reelected president would concede so much.”

Despite the hope of those clinging to their bumper sticker illusions, entitlement spending will be reduced regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans are in power. Economic reality will dictate this necessity. But unfortunately, it is a reality that at least half of the voters in this country refuse to acknowledge. The Federal Government is $17 trillion in debt. All one has to do is look at what is happening in Greece, Spain, Portugal and other EU countries which are in trouble. Governments that fund retirement, disability and health care  and other entitlement programs with money they don’t have eventually make drastic, painful cutbacks to those programs.

The denial of economic reality in this country (as represented by certain bumper stickers) will make it harder to fix the problem because it will mean, at least for the time being, a continuation of the spending of money we don’t have and thus a lot more pain and suffering for Americans down the road.

In light of President Obama’s new budget proposal, perhaps the “Save Medicare: Vote Democrat” voters will replace their old bumper stickers with a new one: “Save Medicare: Impeach Obama.”  But somehow, I doubt it.

Ponder this: Why didn’t candidate Obama tell us last year that he would propose cutting Medicare and Social Security after his re-election. This question reminds me of the time he secretly whispered to a Russian negotiator that he would be able to be “more flexible” after the election. (Well, it would have been a secret, except that the microphone which the President thought was turned off, was still on.) It will be interesting to see what other “secrets” the President has in store for us.

(Dislosure: I confess. I have custom-made bumper stickers of a political nature on my car.)

(Clarification: I am not really advocating that Obama be impeached for proposing cuts to Medicare or Social Security – just poking fun at certain folks who have been so brainwashed that they probably don’t see the irony in President Obama’s recent proposal to cut Medicare and Social Security spending.)


Sources: Link to Washington Post articles here and here.