Dr. Bill Baker – A Special Man

Dr. Baker performing a polymer carbon experiment, circa 1955. (Photograph courtesy of Lucent Technologies / Bell Labs, Inc.) Copied from williamobaker.org

I was recently introduced to the life-story of an American, who, in my opinion, looms large in modern history, yet who is vastly unknown to most people alive today. He was an intellectual giant and a patriotic genius who contributed in so many ways to the benefit of men and mankind. Whether it was devising a method to make synthetic rubber to help win World War II or advising U.S. Presidents on national security, William Oliver Baker was a rare person. Dr. A. Michael Noll, an accomplished man in his own right, who years ago had the privilege of working with Dr. Baker at Bell Labs, has created a website devoted to Dr. Baker and his life. I encourage everyone to explore this excellent resource by clicking williamobaker.org.

“The very media, founded on communications and automata, especially television, can communicate illusion as well as reality, and that is all right as long as we know the difference.” –Dr. William O. Baker, Northwestern University, July 12, 1976 (Compliments of A. Michael Noll and www.williamobaker.org).

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